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Cut Short Interview: Monika Estrella Negra on her film “FLESH”

Wednesday, August 8, 2018 | Indie Films, Interviews

As I’ve been getting more submissions for short horror films to be considered in Short Cuts, I’ve been finding myself wanting to find out more about the amazing filmmakers behind these movies.  With that in mind, I’m going to be supplementing my monthly Short Cuts column with an interview from one of the featured directors.

However, since my focus is on short horror filmmakers, I wanted my interview format to match.  So I’ve added a tiny restriction:  Interviewees will have to answer 10 questions about their movie and about themselves, but they’ll only have a total of 100 words with which to do it.  Given their talent for making potent, concise films, I’m interested to see if they can be as concise when talking about them. 

Our first director is Monika Estrella Negra, whose short Flesh wedged itself firmly in my mind for weeks after checking it out as it’s an aggressive, messy movie meant to take on aggressive, messy themes.  Below, Negra gives us some tidbits of insight into her process in making the film as well as her approach and inspiration for making films in general.

What was the catalyst for making Flesh?
It was a form of therapy for me.

What lead to you setting the film in Chicago?
Chicago is where I fell in love with punk.

The synopsis for “Flesh” on Prime specifically mentions the DIY punk scene.  How is punk important to the themes in the film?
There are no strict rules when it came to my filming approach for it. That in itself is a reflection of ethics within the scene I placed the protagonist in.

What’s the most challenging thing about making a short film?  
Having to cut scenes from the script.

What made you get into film making?
My adamant obsession with libraries.

Who (or what) is your biggest influence in film and why?
Maya Deren for her spirit and dissection of film.

What’s your favorite movie and why?
I can never answer this question (way too many).

You’re making your dream film.  What’s it about?
It’ll be about imperialist aliens from a different planet who come to Earth. That sounds familiar….

What scares you the most?
Ignorance, Ed Sheeran, film franchise reboots.

What scares other people that doesn’t scare you?

If you’re interested into learning more about Monika, you can follow her production company, Audre’s Revenge at their website, on Twitter (@audrerevenge) and Instagram (  She’s also got a new crowdfunding campaign going to fund her next film, Bitten, A Tragedy.  Check out Rue Morgue’s recent post on the campaign for more information on how to contribute.
Bryan Christopher

Cut Short Interview: Monika Estrella Negra on her film “FLESH”

Wednesday, August 8, 2018 | Indie Films, Interviews


Was there a curse on legendary screen sex kitten Jayne Mansfield? That mystery is explored in an exclusive excerpt from the new documentary MANSFIELD 66/67 that you can check out past the jump.

Directed by Todd Hughes and P. David Ebersole (executive producers of Rodney Ascher’s THE SHINING deconstruction ROOM 237), MANSFIELD 66/67 has its theatrical opening at LA’s Laemmle Fine Arts theater this Friday, October 27, programmed alongside a number of Mansfield classics; a special premiere takes place tonight with talent in attendance. The movie features Mansfield, Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey, underground filmmaking legend Kenneth Anger (featured in the clip) and such cult figures as John Waters, Mary Woronov, Tippi Hedren, Mamie Van Doren and others.

The synopsis: “Who could resist cheering for Jayne Mansfield—the punk Marilyn Monroe and the ultimate atomic-era sex-positive kitten-gone-berserk—as she navigates the cultural and spiritual landscape of a quickly changing world? Welcome to MANSFIELD 66/67, a true story based on rumor and hearsay, where classic documentary interviews and archival materials are blended with dance numbers, performance art, and animation, elevating a tabloid tale of a fallen Hollywood idol into a celebration of the mythical proportions of a true original we can’t help but live to love more each day.”

Bryan Christopher