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Customized Horror Action Figures From “Moore Cool Wicked Figures”

Thursday, July 16, 2020 | News

Moore Cool Wicked Figures (MCWF), an independent custom action figure company that also creates figures for horror distribution company Wild Eye Releasing, is owned and operated by D.C Moore out of North Carolina. MCWF creates 6 to 8 inch tall figures of different horror themed characters unlike the ones seen in stores. Moore “Frankensteins” existing figures, resculpting and repainting them to become new living dead masterpieces with all custom cardbacks.

Some of the newest one of a kind articulated characters include the prehistoric priest and ninja from the 2018 film The VelociPastor . Other notable characters from movies most may not of heard of include a Santa Claus Character Caesar and Otto’s Deadly Xmas (2012), and a sheet-wearing ghostly figure from the 2015 horror-comedy entitled Caesar and Otto’s Paranormal Halloween (does this remind anyone of a scene from another Halloween film?). Check out  more from Moore Cool Wicked Figures on Twitter (for prices and availability) and keep and eye out for many more one of a kind creations to come.

Chris Hammond
The Curator of the Creepy collectibles. I've been an avid horror fan for over 3 decades. Meeting and writing about some of the finest artists from all over the world is a pure joy. I've written for multiple websites on the art and collectible front. The horror bug that lives inside me is well cared for and has been going strong since I watched my first introduction to horror through a grainy VHS copy of John Carpenter's 1978 classic film Halloween.