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Cthulhugizzard Shows What’s In The Box

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 | Collectibles

Mike Swisstack of CTHULHUGIZZARD answers that age-old question that has tormented many a horror fan over the years – what’s in the box? – with his ZOMBIEHEAD IN A BOX sculpture. I invite you to check out how the detail and paint on said zombie oozes forth from inside its shattered wooden box. This 1/4 scale resin piece will be incorporated as the base for Swisstack’s upcoming Dr. Tongue bust kit, but he decided to sell it as its own separate piece for everyone to enjoy.

This sculpture measures two inches tall, just under four inches wide and three and a half inches deep. Collectors can decide if they’d like to use this as a paperweight, a base for a piece already in your collection or, as Mike Swisstack puts it, “[the sculpture is] a nice chunk of resin to smash in any visiting zombie’s brains.”

Swisstack explains how he dreamt up the undead art in a box: “This design came about from wanting to sculpt a base that was able to stand alone as its own sculpt or be used as a base for another sculpt, that’s why I sculpted it to be different depending which sides you see, from two sides it looks like an old wood base but from the other two sides its much more gory and startling with the zombie head spilling out of the box.”

This first in the line of zombies in a box sculptures is available now in painted ($65 USD) and unpainted versions ($30 USD) plus shipping at the Cthulhugizzard Etsy store.


Chris Hammond
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