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CRØM WØRX Drops Two New Enamel Pin Designs In Their “Carved Maniac” Line

Friday, June 21, 2019 | Merch

The maestro of mash-up CRØM WØRX (first covered here) recently released the first two entries in its CARVERD MANIAC SOFT ENAMEL PINS series (CARVERED MYERS AND CARVERED TRAMER), in a collaboration with Psychodelic Company. Both 1.75 inch, double posted pins with black rubber backers come secured to a custom back card. The pins resemble one half Halloween boogieman Michael Myers and one half carved Pumpkin face, both parts creepy. Each design is available now on the CRØM WØRX webstore for a cost of $10 USD (individually), shipping is extra.

Surf through the webstore and you’ll undoubtedly come across a few other designs that might tickle you horror fan’s fancy, notably the Mr.T and Crypt Keeper mash-up holographic sticker titled “I PITY THE GHOUL”. This 2.25 x 3.4 inch water and weather proof sticker brings together two icons from different genres and smashes them together into a truly unique sticker. Gold chains and necklaces, and 80’s styled mohawk meld perfectly into the Tales from the Crypt host. Get a piece of nostalgia turned on its head for the lost cost of $3 USD.

Freddy Krueger is a horror staple and he shines bright in the BOOK OF FRED 3.25 INCH STICKER, featuring the horror icon’s disfigured face on the Necronomicon. Take a stab at one of these stickers for the low cost of $3 USD… who says you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover?

Lastly, the Friday the 13th franchise has pumped out a lot of gore over the years and, in 1993, it would see Jason head south in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday. Director Adam Marcus did something that fans had never seen before: he would have Jason’s spirit possess another body to continue his killing spree.

Now you can revisit the fun with this BURN IN HELL PATCH, measuring 5.5 inches and limited to 100 made, it pays heavy homage to the film’s theatrical poster design. A grotesque snake-like demon works its way through the eye holes of the iconic Jason mask, while vines creep around the exterior. This 100% embroidered patch (with detachable Velcro backing) comes with a custom backer card. Relive the first time Freddy ever entered a different nightmare and set up the grudge match of the century.
Priced at $13 USD

Keep an eye out for new entries into the THERMOPLAST KILLER COFFIN PATCHES. The first two designs (Mikey Killer and Leatherface Killer) sold out extremely fast, so if this is of interest, remember to follow all social media accounts and check the webstore frequently, so as to not miss out on the maestro’s newest masterpiece.

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