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Courtney Gains’ “Malachai Rising” NFT available September 23rd

Friday, September 10, 2021 | News

From friend of Rue Morgue “Ghoulish” Gary Pullin and Children of the Corn star Courtney Gains comes an all-new NFT art collection dubbed “Malachai Rising,” dedicated to Gains’ character in the iconic film. The 9-piece collection is a mixture of digital and physical artworks by Pullin.

If you’re still baffled as to what the heck an NFT (or, non-fungible token) might be, the press release explains, “More and more artists are using an NFT to display and sell their digital assets online. NFTs are popular because they use a highly secure technology called blockchain which ensures that the art is permanent and uncopyable. This permanence and guarantee of authenticity are what also make NFTs very valuable. Some of the most sought-after NFT art pieces have sold for millions of dollars in recent months.”

Gains will be releasing the NFTs during a 24-hour live auction event on September 23rd. Gains, whose other credits include Back to the Future, Memphis Belle, and Sweet Home Alabama, is gifting numbered editions of the first NFT directly to 1,984 of his fans.

The works are inspired by Malachai’s appearance in the original film with the main attraction of the event being an original digital painting by Gary Pullin of a larger-than-life Malachai looming over a darkened cornfield. The painting also appears on the album cover and cd case for the remastered soundtrack. This main event NFT will be sold Dutch Auction style where the price starts at 19+ Million and falls every millisecond until someone buys it. By winning the NFT, the buyer also acquires the 1 of 1 18″ x 24″ archival print of the painting signed by Pullin and Gains.

Fans will be able to get a slice of ‘80’s culture during the all-day auction Thursday, September 23rd, and can sign up for more information on the website




Rocco T. Thompson
Rocco is a Rondo-nominated film journalist and avid devotee of all things weird and outrageous. He penned the cover story for Rue Morgue's landmark July/Aug 2019 "Queer Fear" Special Issue, and is an associate producer on In Search of Darkness: Part III, the latest installment in CreatorVC's popular 1980s horror documentary series.