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Thursday, December 27, 2018 | Fan Content

We’ve scoured the internet for the crowdfunding projects most worthy of your time and money this month, and compiled them into one easy-to-digest list. Check it twice, and lend them a helping hand, if you can. ‘Tis the season for giving, after all.


$10,000 CAD

Just in case you need more reasons to stay out of the woods, check out Feral­ — the newest short from Madeline Metcalfe. When a romantic camping trip goes bad, a young woman is left to fight for her life in the depths of a forest. But can she overcome the real and supernatural forces that aim to keep her there?


Documentary For The Recently Deceased: The Making of Beetlejuice
$76,185 CAD

It may be 30 years since Beetlejuice first surfaced, but people are still calling out for the ghost with the most. Here to quench that thirst is Documentary For The Recently Deceased: The Making of Beetlejuice. Not just a fan film, this doc goes deep – covering everything from the intricate special effects work, to interviews with notable cast and crew and archival behind-the-scenes footage. To help make this dream a reality, say “Beetlejuice” three times then donate some funds. You’ll even get some sweet limited edition merch in return.


$18,284 CAD

While the countdown to Christmas may be over, it’s never too early to start planning for next year; especially when there is a project like Deathcember in the works. An advent horror anthology film, it features 24 shorts by different filmmakers from across the globe – one for each day of December leading up to Christmas 2019. A cure for holiday stress? We think so.


Guys at Parties Like It
$13,510 CAD

From award winning director/screenwriter team Colton David Coate and Micah Coate comes a new horror about a girl, a boy, and the word “no”; inspired by the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. A stereotypical frat party is where they lay their scene, the subject–a horny pledge–leads a drunk sorority girl upstairs where he hopes to get his V-card punched. But it turns out that getting lucky isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Jessica Buck
Jessica is a life-long lover of all things dark and morbid. As the daughter of a homicide detective, you might say she’s got murder in her blood. Or at the very least, a misplaced sense of appropriate dinner-time conversation. Her attention is constantly divided between writing, event production, and the performing arts.