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Colour Us Impressed: Chris McVillain Shows Off His Horror Merch

Sunday, June 2, 2019 | Sunday, Bloody, Funday

A professional tattoo artist for 16 years, McVillain runs his own studio, “Tattoo Kaiju,” in Bloomington Indiana. He also hosts events/openings and an art gift shop, which focuses on enamel pins, high quality stickers, art prints, toys and much more. Chris also has his own little corner on the internet where he sells, visually intoxicating merchandise, such as the aforementioned goods above. 

While checking out the “gift shop”, many horror fans may recognize characters that they have seen over the years, including the beloved children cartoon character ‘My Pet Monster’, ‘Nightbreed’, ‘Hellraiser’ and of course Godzilla (you can’t run a tattoo studio called “Tattoo Kaiju, without involving Godzilla somehow).

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Neon nightmarish illustrations dance across t-shirts, and other collectibles, like these familiar Crystal Lake residents in both 8.5 x 11 INCH “SEASONS” (WINTER WITCHCRAFT AND SUMMER SLAUGHTER) VARIANT PRINTS. McVillain creates his own twist on the masked killer known as Voorhees by embellishing his size, but also including some of the killer’s favourite accessories: a machete and hockey goalie mask.  Both prints sell in the seasons set for $20 USD or individually for $12 USD each.

If stickers are more your thing, check out this trio of Clive Barker Inspired NIGHTBREED: MONSTERS OF MIDIAN STICKER PACK. All three stickers (Baphomet, Moonface and Monster Hunter) are die cut, durable vinyl with a lament (to protect from sun and rain) and 3 inches in size. These are sold in the set of three for $8 USD or individually for $3 USD each.

Finally, enamel pins are a great gift idea as they’re easy to ship, not too pricey and usually pretty rad to show off to other fans. Here’s a great one for horror fans of all ages in the MY MONSTER PET 2 INCH ENAMEL PIN. This pin is sure to please fans who spent countless hours watching that friendly blue beast on the television. Chris McVillain has done a beautiful job capturing the spirit of “our favourite monster” in this pin (the regular edition has glow in the dark elements) with a “gold” coloured variant. Both very popular pins are selling for $10 USD each.

Kaiju Cute Valentine’s Card Pack from $5 USD

Sure, McVillain also sells various greeting cards, pinback buttons-shirts and even Christmas goodies year long, so check out everything via his gift shop on his website and all his various Social Medias where he likes to post all new designs and merchandise. In the words of Chris McVillain “Treat Yo Self!

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