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Check out this “Poltergeist” Custom Horror Snow Globe By Jesse Wroblewski

Thursday, October 25, 2018 | Collectibles, Exclusive

Jesse Wroblewski of Chainsaw Estates specializes in making one-of-a-kind custom horror globes and he is back, just in time for Halloween season. Behold his creations, based around classics such as John Carpenter’s The Thing, Return of the Living Dead‘s “Tarman” and Stephen King’s The Mist. This time around, Wroblewski has set his sights on the 1982 Tobe Hooper classic Poltergeist, specifically the now iconic image of Carol Anne Freeling kneeling in front of a static television screen. 

Wroblewski recreates his scenes by using Super Sculpy (polymer clay) and other materials. The Poltergeist globe itself sits upon a giant aged and sculpted creature claw; a sculpted and painted Carol Anne kneels on a fuzzy carpet with her teddy bear (another painted and sculpted piece) laying across from her on the floor.  The television is a masterful touch as it glows and has material that floats to give it that static look and feel. Although this horror globe is super impressive in the light, it is mind-blowing when viewed in the dark.


Jesse Wroblewski never ceases to impress and one up himself, and for this the horror community thank him. To find out more about his horror globe creations, please follow him on his Chainsaw Estates Instagram account or take a peek at his Chainsaw Estates YouTube channel.
(These snow globes are from Jesse Wroblewski’s collection and are not for sale at this time)

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