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Chaos Consumes a Small Town in the First Trailer for Mary Russell’s “THE OTHERKIND”

Monday, April 4, 2022 | News


At long-last the preliminary trailer for Mary C. Russell‘s THE OTHERKIND has arrived. THE OTHERKIND is Russell’s feature directorial debut, whose short films have screened worldwide. Including her acclaimed slasher short Carved (2015) is available on Shudder. Set in a scenic lake community THE OTHERKIND plays with the themes of misinformation, adaptation, and the horrific possibilities of isolation in nature.

The plot follows a worn down cop tries to piece together the days prior to him waking up in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile, a young woman is tainted by an undesirable encounter during a bonfire night with friends. Chaos seeps into a sleepy lake town as lives intertwine, making it clear that there’s something sinister, terrifying and unexplainable at play in this shapeshifting, psychological thriller.

THE OTHERKIND is written and directed by Russell who shared that her inspiration came largely from the Irish folklore figure the selkie. The selkie is known for shapeshifting according to the habitat surrounding them. When they are in water they are fish or seal like, similar to mermaids, and on land they shed their skin and take human form. How do you know who is a selkie and who is a human-being?

THE OTHERKIND is produced by Caroline O’Meara and Gary LaBranche and executive produced by Karen LaBranche. The village is populated by cast members such as: Marc Anthony Samuel, Lestonja Diaz, Rebekah Kennedy, Paris Dylan, Muneeb Rehman, Laura Dromerick, Luciana Faulhaber, Caroline O’Meara, Jeff Pride, and Madonna Young-Magee. Don’t miss it’s debut this festival season!

Watch the initial trailer HERE, and keep a look out for more updated on THE OTHERKIND.


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