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Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of “The Thing” with Two Art Prints by Drew Struzan Available Exclusively From Vice Press

Wednesday, June 22, 2022 | Collectibles, News


John Carpenter’s film The Thing turns 40 this week and to celebrate Vice Press is proud to announce  THE THING by Drew Struzan 40th Anniversary Screen Print.

Last year, Vice Press produced a lenticular version of Drew’s The Thing print. There was such a huge outcry from fans who demanded a screenprint version of the iconic poster. Since this is the 40th anniversary of the cult film, Vice Press said, “Let’s give the people what they want!”

With that, Vice Press, Drew Struzan and his team, Sep Lab and End Hymns, under license from Universal Studios, now offer an official 24″x36″ screen printed version of this amazing poster.
Here is a little history of how Struzan’s vision for the poster came about. Speaking in an interview back in 2012, Struzan explained:

“It was a very odd experience. I got an immediate concept, which is not unusual for me; I usually have something roving around in my mind. I dressed up in a winter snow outfit, and my wife took a Polaroid of me. This was 30 years ago, back in the stone age when the only way to communicate a hundred miles away was the telephone or the fax machine. So I did the drawing, and I faxed it back to the studio and they said, “Fine. We need it by tomorrow morning.” I went to work. We stopped for a moment, and I took some more photos with my wife, this time with a 35mm camera. She developed the film for me and I just started drawing, then painting through the rest of the day, then, painting through the rest of the night. At 9 a.m., a guy shows up at my doorstep and says, “Is the painting ready?” I had about an hour to go, so I finished painting it, and he took it away. Since then, it’s done more traveling than I have. [Laughs] It’s been around the world many, many times.”

THE THING by Drew Struzan 24″x36″ movie poster edition

THE THING by Drew Struzan foil variant art print

THE THING by Drew Struzan will be available exclusively from Vice Press and comes in two versions, a timed, 24″x36″ movie poster edition, alongside a limited edition 24″x36″ foil variant art print. Each print will be available from 6 P.M. BST on Tuesday, June 21. The timed edition will be available until 6 p.m. on Tuesday, June 28.

Chris Hammond
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