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Celebrate 25 years of Horror Culture with “RUE MORGUE #208 Sep/Oct 2022 Anniversary Halloween Issue”

Wednesday, August 24, 2022 | News

This Halloween season, RUE MORGUE commemorates the phenomenon that was (and is) VHS, the revolutionary media format that continues to change the way we make and watch horror movies. RUE MORGUE #208 (Sep/Oct 2022 Halloween Issue) features OUT THERE HALLOWEEN MEGATAPE, the all-new film from the mad mind behind 2013’s WNUF HALLOWEEN SPECIAL; inside the V/H/S franchise, Hollywood’s VIDEO SLASHBACK and the return of the original VHS horror game: ATMOSFEAR.

Plus! RUE MORGUE’S 25 GHASTLIEST MUSIC VIDEOS of the past 25 years!

After shocking audiences with an orgy of unforgettable carnage in 2016, Art the Clown returns to wreak bloody havoc this Halloween in TERRIFIER 2.

JASON OCKER’s new book, THE UNITED STATES OF CRYPTIDS, invites readers on a cross-country hunt for creatures that continue to haunt the American psyche. Plus! LYLE BLACKBURN of MONSTRO BIZARRO pours his cryptid passion into a new podcast.

Forty years ago this year, Pacific Comics debuted TWISTED TALES, one of the little known and best-kept secrets amongst fans of comic book horror.

An immersive journey into the nightmarish hellscapes of H.R. Giger, SCORN is designed to test your sanity… on every level.

All this and the latest film, book, comic book, music, game and toy releases!



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