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Bryan Collins brings “FRANKENTOYER” to life

Wednesday, January 31, 2018 | Collectibles

Artist BRYAN COLLINS’ creative juices flow like water at his home studio in Saint Augustine, Florida where he toils away at his art full-time. A self-taught artist who draws inspiration from folklore, animals, pop culture, and faith, Collins’ work has been featured in many mediums including magazines, covers of novels, a movie, and is exhibited and collected globally.  He loves the sea and donates a portion of sales to marine life rehabilitation and protection.

Today I’m taking a closer look at Collins’ one-of-a-kind art toy called FRAKENTOYER. This 8-inch tall QEE TOYER figure was primed and painted with acrylics and displays meticulous detail, especially evident in the plaid on the figure’s t-shirt, the laces on the boots and the webbing on the hands. FRANKENTOYER possesses limited articulation, but this is more than made up for with the two metal bolts that have been inserted into the figure’s neck. Expect this unique creation to be shipped in the original DIY box also packaged in a second box for maximum shipping protection. 
Price: $249 + shipping 

If drawings or sketches are more of your thing, then check out Collins’ ADOPT A MONSTER PROGRAM, featuring this Winged Monster With Umbrella original drawing. This 5 X 7 inch ink and white pencil on the gray paper piece has been created with archival, museum quality ink and professional grade coloured pencils. Give this one of a kind little creature a home now! 
Price: $76 + shipping 

Check out more at BRYAN COLLINS official site!

Chris Hammond
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