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Brad Anderson set to direct George A. Romero’s “TWILIGHT OF THE DEAD”

Friday, September 8, 2023 | News


And that’s a pretty solid choice, if you ask us.

Roundtable Entertainment has announced that Brad Anderson will helm TWILIGHT OF THE DEAD, based on a treatment written by George A. Romero and Paolo Zelati before the zombie master’s passing, with a script by Joe Knetter, Robert Lucas and Zelati. A production start date later this year is being targeted. Since his horror debut with 2001’s SESSION 9, Anderson has been a dependable director of genre fare, also including THE MACHINIST, TRANSSIBERIAN, VANISHING ON 7TH STREET, THE CALL and last year’s BLOOD.

“George Romero’s 1968 classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD may have been the first real horror movie I ever saw,” Anderson says, “and its shock value, its keen social relevance, and even the means by which it was made were all hugely inspirational to me. George’s ‘indie spirit,’ his do-it-yourself approach to filmmaking–outside of the main industry; on a shoestring budget; collaborating with family and friends–is exactly how I made my first film, and to some extent still make films now. NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, and many of those that followed, wove together straight-up horror with pointed social commentary. This unexpected combination is what elevated George’s films, and for me it is exactly what is most exciting about TWILIGHT OF THE DEAD. This too is a zombie movie in which limbs fly and heads roll, but one that is also about social transformation, one that asks the question: What is it to be human? It is also a horror movie with ‘heart’ and, dare I say, hope. As a filmmaker who relishes combining and reinventing genres, the chance to bring to life–so to speak!–this last installment in George Romero’s zombie franchise is a true honor and a privilege.”

“Brad is the ideal filmmaker to bring this project to life,” says Roundtable’s John Baldecchi, who is directing with Suzanne Romero, Stephanie Caleb, Paolo Zelati, and Sarah Donnelly. “Both Brad and George began their careers in the independent film scene and have directed seminal movies in the genre space and beyond. Brad has had tremendous success both commercially and critically and Roundtable is thrilled to have him onboard to direct. TWILIGHT OF THE DEAD is the seventh and final chapter of the DEAD series and we think Brad is the perfect storyteller to bring this cinematic tale about the human condition to life.” Stay tuned for further developments!






Michael Gingold
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