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Becky Crochetpaws Lives Up To Her Name With These Crocheted Creeps

Sunday, August 4, 2019 | Sunday, Bloody, Funday

$68 CDN +Shipping

$68 CDN +Shipping

United Kingdom artist Becky Crochetpaws, better known as Beaniemama’s Bazaar (the Antichrist of Crochet) creates some very peculiar gifts in the form of horror related dolls, apparel, and accessories. If cuddling up to crocheted likenesses of Charles Manson, Buffalo Bill, Jason Voorhees, The Nun or Cthulhu sounds appealing, then dream no longer. Yarn, stuffing, plastic eyes and talented hands come together to form these handmade terrifying treats. Look for yarn accessories to include arm shackles (Charles Manson), a white do, basket and removable wig (Buffalo Bill) and machete (Jason Voorhees). 

$81 CDN + Shipping

Becky hand makes each made-to-order piece and, being as she does not work from a written pattern, each doll may differ a little in design and colour. Good news: she does take commissions, so hit her up with any designs you may dream up and get ready to be crocheted away in a world of the weird and wonderful. 

$60 CDN + Shipping

$34 CDN + Shipping

View the Beaniemama’s Bazaar Etsy page for all the different types of creations this amazing artist can create, or check out her Facebook for more information, pricing and send those ideas in.
Beaniemama’s Bazaar Etsy Page
Beaniemama’s Bazaar Facebook

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