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Tuesday, June 5, 2018 | Collectibles

Ever wished BARBIE would take the form of FRANKENHOOKER? Or how about the lovely Linnea Quigly as seen in RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD? Well, I hope you’re sitting down and you haven’t blown your paycheck yet because all your plastic dreams of nightmare nostalgia are about to come true. 

I take extreme comfort in the fact that toy and doll collecting has become a rather normal hobby nowadays for the average humanoid. A wonderful pastime that both genders can participate in their soul’s delight in hunting down that rare Chase FUNKO or that Count Chocula cereal premium from the 1970’s. Whatever your Achilles heel may be, take pride in the fact that this is something that makes you happy and part of what makes you unique as an individual. I could be naive, however, I tend to believe in 2018, the human race is a bit more tolerant when they see a young boy who’d rather play with MY LITTLE PONY over TONKA trucks. Or a girl who would rather participate in a football game than play Pretty-Pretty Princess dress-up. All of which leads to the story of horror and BARBIE aficionado Will Turner and the creation of these beautiful customized dolls based on some of the genre’s favorite characters.  

Queen of the doll scene for the last 60 plus years Barbie, has a massively loyal following and an even larger collectors market that includes both sides of the gender. Growing up, Will Turner had a fascination with his sister’s collection of BARBIE dolls and loved to play with the little plastic beauty. However, it resulted in opening up a hurtful can of worms being bullied for it. Years later and into the present, Turner unapologetically (as it should be) is showing both his love and talents in creating a beautiful unholy matrimony between the biggest horror heroines and icons of the genre and the MATTEL phenomenon with custom horror dolls!

“I started selling the dolls about a year and a half ago. I made the first one, Nancy from Nightmare on Elm Street, to go with my personal action figure collection. I had a lot of Freddy Krueger figures and decided that I needed a Nancy to go with them. 

As a child, I played with my sister’s dolls. I was bullied and teased because of it, so I tried to keep it a secret. All these years later, as an out and proud gay man, I’m not ashamed to admit that I still play with Barbie dolls.”

-Will Turner

Upcycled and delicately repainted from various fashion dolls Turner acquires, each piece portrays passion and care solidifying these little ghoulish beauties as a must-have in any fan’s collection. Every doll is made to order, ensuring you’ll have a solid conversation starter via your one-of-kind creation at the next Friday night horror movie party. Because hey, if I were to see a gorgeous looking 12-inch Barbie-esque figure with protruding cockroach arms, we need to talk about this immediately new best friend. 


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Patti Pauley
Lover and rambler of everything in the horror genre, from the present to essentially anything concerning retro horror goodness and vintage Halloween. Patti is an active member of the horror community, writing for several websites over the years, including her own. Count Chocula serves as her Kryptonite.