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Award-winning short filmmaker Izzy Lee prepares to enter “HOUSE OF ASHES”

Tuesday, September 19, 2023 | News


She’s got a disturbing story of domestic terror in the works, and a crowdfunding campaign has already hit its initial goal.

Izzy Lee, who has won awards for her short films including INNSMOUTH, RITES OF VENGEANCE, FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL… and most recently MEAT FRIEND, is now prepping the horror feature HOUSE OF ASHES. Written by Lee and Steve Johanson, her partner in Nihil Noctem Films, it’s “the story of Mia, a grieving widow under house arrest–for the crime of having a miscarriage,” according to the official synopsis. “Shortly after her new boyfriend Marc moves in, things start going missing and tensions rise. But is their intruder human or spectral? Perhaps both. One thing’s for sure–Mia can’t leave. If she does, she risks a heavier sentence. So how does she survive?”

HOUSE OF ASHES has Vincent Stalba cast as Marc and the ONCE AND FUTURE SMASH/END ZONE 2 team of Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein on board handling cinematography and editing/VFX/sound respectively. Lee and co. have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise additional funding to augment the project’s private backing. “It’s because of supporters like you that I get to finally call myself a feature filmmaker. That’s no small thing,” Lee says. “We’ve reached our first $20k goal in two and a half days! This is an amazing feat, but it doesn’t mean we no longer need your support. Every extra dollar HOUSE OF ASHES raises contributes to a resource that wasn’t previously available. Maybe it’s an extra prep day for a collaborator, a couple extra hours to film a climactic scene, the perfect prop, or an unexpected VFX fix. On their own, each of these little resources subtly make the film better. Together, the cumulative effect can be magical. Consider joining our team and help make quality indie horror happen!”

Michael Gingold
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