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“Ascetic” Is A Short That Will Change You

Monday, June 28, 2021 | Short Films


Hold onto your hats horror fans, Jimmy ScreamerClauz has recently released a new short film titled ASCETIC! Like a giddy child watching their first R-rated fick, forge forward: what lay ahead will forever change you! 

ASCETIC is an unknown world created by the maestro of mutation known as Jimmy ScreamerClauz. The film was created via 3D rendering in Cinema 4D with Octane. The characters came to life using home motion capture equipment, and the film festered within JSC’s head for a whole year before completion. He describes his work as, “antisocial animated films in secret servitude to reptilian-alien deities from the draconian star system”.  The film features Buttress, Cumblood, Passenger of Shit, Flying Lotus, Ethereal Girl, Maja, Jon Simvonis & Rene Charbois.



As for film’s synopsis, this comes straight from the creator’s mouth: “A monk’s dedication is put to the ultimate test in this psychotically psychedelic animated nightmare. Will he succeed? Or will he fall victim to the ultimate enemy – his own self?”

The motion capture and 3D elements really the film the feeling of a living being that changes with each viewing. The only thing that this can be likened to is the video for the song “Sober” by the band Tool, and ASCETIC shows how CGI can go places that live action films can’t. This is a world all unto itself (a depressing and horrific world), but a world nonetheless. The characters feel very alive and emote greatly in each scene, and the film plays out like a living nightmare, full of warped imagination. Viewing this is definitely a must for horror fans and as much as one may want to look away, they won’t be able to. This film will shock, disgust, amuse, and burrow its way into the viewer’s mind. It will make one question what is real and if they know truth from fiction. ASCETIC is full of wonderful, gory, neon-tastic visuals. Don’t even try to guess where the film is going, it goes past that and then some. It not only engages the viewer’s senses, but also begs the question where has this been and where does one get more?

 ASCETIC (and many other shorts) are available to buy on the ScreamerClauz webstore. Within the store other warped wonders await, such as poster prints, clothing, stickers, music and much more. If horror films are feeling repetitive and viewing something different is appealing to you, you can keep up to date on the madness of Jimmy ScreamerClauz through their Instagram, YouTube and Website.

Check out ASCETIC (censored) for free on YouTube or spare a couple dollars and get the full it in full uncensored glory.

Chris Hammond
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