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An all new escape experience based on “IT” is coming to Las Vegas

Monday, April 18, 2022 | News


Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment and Egan Escape Productions are joining forces to bring the ultimate horror escape experience to Las Vegas this fall. ESCAPE IT, based on Andy Muschietti’s two-part adaptation of Stephen King’s beloved 1986 magnum opus, will offer those brave enough two multi-room escape adventures, featuring more than 20 interactive rooms, state-of-the-art special FX, lighting, animatronics, and live actors to create a fully immersive and terrifying experience. Guests will rely on their critical thinking skills to make their way through many of the films’ most iconic locations, including the infamous Neibolt House, the Losers’ Clubhouse, the Derry Canal Days Festival, and most terrifying of all,  the dank sewers below Derry, Maine, all while trying to escape the clutches of the diabolical Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

IT is one of our most iconic horror film franchises and we cannot wait for fans to be able to come face-to-face with the infamous Pennywise and the town of Derry in a way they’ve never experienced before,” says Peter van Roden, Senior Vice President of Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment. “We’re thrilled to work with Egan Escape Productions as they are experts in the space bringing complexity and attention to every detail to help bring our immersive horror experiences to the next level.”

Egan Escape Productions previously launched the wildly successfully Escape Blair Witch and The Official Saw Escape also located in Las Vegas. If you’d like to gather your very own Losers’ Club and face the terrors of the deadlights for real, go to to sign up for news and updates.

William J. Wright
William J. Wright is RUE MORGUE's online managing editor. A two-time Rondo Classic Horror Award nominee and an active member of the Horror Writers Association, William is lifelong lover of the weird and macabre. His work has appeared in many popular (and a few unpopular) publications dedicated to horror and cult film. William earned a bachelor of arts degree from East Tennessee State University in 1998, majoring in English with a minor in Film Studies. He helped establish ETSU's Film Studies minor with professor and film scholar Mary Hurd and was the program's first graduate. He currently lives in Knoxville, Tennessee, with his wife, three sons and a recalcitrant cat.