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Aliments for an Eerie Appetite

Wednesday, August 15, 2018 | Culture


Being a horror fan certainly isn’t exclusive to film. Horror can actually be found throughout culture and entertainment. But did you know that you can also integrate horror into your kitchen? Rue Morgue has selected the best spooky provisions for your pantry. Whether you’re looking to spice up your tastebuds or want something more indulgent, we have something for every horror buff’s tastebuds.


Never Sleep Again Medium Dark Roast
No need to worry about coming face-to-face with a striped sweater-wearing killer in your dreams with this dark roast around. Never Sleep Again by Deadly Grounds is a highly-caffeinated fresh ground blend created to keep you going all day (or all night). The 12oz bag of pre-ground medium roast is described as full bodied, velvety, and a little smoky in flavour, with no bitter aftertaste – recommended for staying awake and keeping your dreams sweet!


Dead Guy Ale22 oz bottle: $6.50-$8.00
Keep your beer boo-zy with Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale, a 6.8% German-style Maibock that’s caramel in colour with a distinct malty aroma and a rich, hearty flavour. Made with Rogue’s proprietary Pacman yeast and available this fall in bottles and cans, Dead Guy Ale is best shared with fellow ghouls in a dimly lit room – the bottle glows in the dark!


Chocolate F/X

Got a sweet fang? Horror fan/special effects artist/chocolatier Andrea Smith offers custom handmade chocolates with a spooky twist. Her limited collector’s editions series features horror-themed designs including the current “Mummy Dearest” 
box, but be warned – her creations go fast! Be sure to follow Chocolate F/X to stay informed of upcoming releases.


Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon with Wine Cape
Something for wine lovers to sink their fangs into – Vampire Vineyards’ Cabernet Sauvignon is a full-bodied red with blackberry and dark cherry aromas. Presented in a Dracula-inspired velvet and red silk cape, it is the perfect oaky balance between sweet and dry. But be warned: you may experience nocturnal cravings yourself… for another rich red liquid.


Halloween Pasta
Perfect for your little goblins, this 14oz bag of hand-crafted pasta comes in a variety of spooky shapes including pumpkins, ghosts, and spiders. A delicious recipe for family-size Pepperoni Pizza Pasta is also included on the label to start a new spooky tradition for your brood!


Do Fear the Reaper Hot Sauce
With enough heat to melt Outpost 31, this is the hottest of all bottles by Salem’s Lott Hot Sauces. Made with Carolina Reaper peppers with a kick of pineapple and lime, Do Fear the Reaper has a taste that’s initially sweet… until the heat comes on! If this one sound like too much to handle, milder options “Be Careful” or “Heat Stoke” might be more suited to your scorched taste buds.

Maddi McGillvray
Maddi is the Editorial Assistant at Rue Morgue Magazine. She is also a PhD student in Cinema and Media Studies at York University, where she writes extensively on the horror genre. Maddi is completing her doctoral dissertation on women working in horror. She is also currently writing book chapters titled "Fleshy Female Corporealities: The Cannibal Films of the New French Extremity" as well as "To Grandmother’s House We Go: Documenting the Aging Female Body in Found Footage Horror Films."