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Alex Pardee mashes horror and pop culture in his “Pop Cultjerks” T-shirt line

Tuesday, June 26, 2018 | Uncategorized

Freelance artist, designer, and comics creator Alex Pardee has just released his POP CULTJERKS T-SHIRT LINE which features original Pardee illustrations of pop culture characters reimagined with horror elements. These t-shirts (made in the US and printed in Canada) feature such Pardee-styled characters as Gorefield, a play on the famous orange tabby cat with a taste for lasagna, except here he is redesigned with a skull-exposed face (T-shirt available in white and yellow). 

Other horror-styled shirts include KOOL IRONY, the Kool-Aid beverage mascot redesigned with a baby xenomorph bursting through his chest.

Or check out KING OF SILENT HILL which results when you mix Hank Hill from the animated show King of the Hill with Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head. This amazing design is worth the price and then some. 

These original designer t-shirts are available in sizes XS to 3XL and are priced at (XS-XL $30 USD), (2XL $34 USD), (3XL $36 USD). All these and more Pop Cultjerks t-shirts are available from Pardee’s site at: 

Alex Pardee Website

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