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ALBUM REVIEW: Autopsy’s “MORBIDITY TRIUMPHANT” is a Face-Ripping Good Time

Saturday, October 8, 2022 | Album Review, Music



Never let it be said that Autopsy is a subtle band. Case in point: this latest act of the unspeakable features a skeletal ghoul draped in a cape made of sliced-off faces on its cover. Beyond the initial “ewww” factor, it also serves as a reasonable enough metaphor for a band that has made a career of removing faces in a manner that gleefully utilizes minimal taste and maximal violence.

MORBIDITY TRIUMPHANT hews closely to the formula laid down on classics like “Severed Survival” and “Mental Funeral,” albeit with a savage modern twist. Tracks like “Stab The Brain,” “Flesh Strewn Temple” and “Knife Slice Axe Chop” deploy lolloping speed, queasy slow-motion, wasp nest guitar solos, and in Chris Reifert, the sound of a man being forced to vomit then devour his own entrails. Unlike so many late-career efforts, this latest installment is a thrillingly rousing experience – long may this putrefying corpse lay splayed and stinking on the slab!

For a sample of MORBIDITY TRIUMPHANT’s gore-strewn mayhem, check out the lyric video for “Skin by Skin” below.

Alex Deller
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