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Add Some “Amigurumi” To Your Holiday Season

Sunday, November 3, 2019 | Sunday, Bloody, Funday

There is an artist in Calgary, Canada with more than one yarn to tell, er… sell. Jerry Decoste makes his art available under the business names Ngangabu and sometimes Crazy Granny.

Each piece of “amigurumi” (a Japanese word for “crocheted” and ”stuffed doll”) primarily resembles a popular character, animal, food or more has become very popular in Japan. Decoste makes these handmade collectibles with no patterns; he just needs a picture or an idea that pops into his head and away he goes.

Usually standing 12 inches tall, these cuddly creepers run the horror gambit from family friendly characters to the genre’s cruelest baddies, spanning decades of television and movies. Decoste also does original character commissions if interested, including a selection of his own original characters. 

Prices start at as low as $20 CDN for minis characters (Zero the Dog from Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas) to larger 12 inch characters costing up to $60 CDN each. Full sets of characters are available with prices differing due to size of the collection.   

Looking ahead to Christmas, these handmade toys will bring screams of joy to the young and old alike if found under the tree. Introduce horror in a very harmless way to non fans and let’s all make horror great again, by giving a gift to family and friends, from a talented independent artist.

Contact Jerry Decoste through his Crazy Granny Facebook account for all inquiries
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Chris Hammond
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