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A spotlight on the works of Japan’s Mad Sculptures

Sunday, February 3, 2019 | Sunday, Bloody, Funday

Japanese artist Mad Sculptures loves to think out of the box and make original sculptures incorporating well known pop culture figures. Having graduated from Osaka University of the Arts in Japan, Sculptures found early inspiration from characters created by artist Ed “Big Daddy” Roth who is one of the originators of Kustom Kulture of auto enthusiasts. 

Roth, of course, is known for creating Rat Fink, one of many hot rod characters. As the opposite of the kid-friendly Mickey Mouse, Rat Fink is usually depicted in green or grey colours and wearing overalls bearing his initials. He is not lovable or cute, but has become a popular pop culture figure, even having songs written about him by the likes of White Zombie and The Misfits.

Mad Sculptures, a pioneer of the “Kustom Kulture” in Japan, puts his all into every different sculpture and art piece he releases. Movies, art, music, and a rebellious spirit motivate him, also a lack of cool sculptures (in Japan) helped push him to where is now. He is a style of all his own, and creates many different pieces such as keychains, statues, toys and “kustom” shifter knobs for automobiles.

Using materials such as super sculpy, molding clay (for one of pieces), silicone (for molds) and resin (for pieces which multiples will be made), Mad Sculptures has a mastery and style that far surpasses your run of the mill artist. His pieces tell a story; sometimes they are not for everyone, but a story is being told nonetheless. Bright resin, and brilliant paint adorn most every piece in his wide set of art pieces that run the gambit from cute, to shocking (Evil Head Keychain, Nazi Skunk).

Let’s take a look at one very familiar horror icon in a way that hasn’t been seen before: Frankenstein. Mad Sculpture’s version “”She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not” is a sweeter look at the often misunderstood monster from the story of the regenerated, pieced together creature. Holding a flower in hand, this figure stands 22.5 centimeters tall, with no articulation and comes available in lime Green, Ivory, Violet (Lilac), light blue for a price of ¥9880(tax in) + shipping. There is an option for fully painted pieces at ¥50000 (your desired colour).


If this version of Frankenstein’s monster isn’t your cup of tea, check out a more traditional version in the Master of Horror Keychain. These bright resin pieces incorporate bat wings and bones into that well known monster’s motif. The words “Master of Horror” are the backside if the skull. This is an excellent looking piece to keep those easy to loose keys on. Originally available in grey, green and light-blue, these can still be purchased for ¥2,160 in grey and light-blue only.
If you’d like to follow the journey of Mad Sculptures, or even possibly purchase one of his creations, please check out his website and give a follow on his social media platforms.

Mad Sculptures Website
Mad Sculptures Facebook
Mad Sculptures Instagram

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