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A look at the Horror Props, Busts, Masks and new Scare Attraction from DKHORRORFX

Sunday, July 14, 2019 | Sunday, Bloody, Funday

Props by DKHORRORFX artists Dan Chatterton and Kellie  Magierowski

Artists Dan Chatterton and Kellie Magierowski of DKHORRORFX reside in London, Ontario in Canada. Both have been creating mostly original masks, props and sculptures for years, first bonding over their love of horror films. This relationship progressed into creating wound effects; after religiously watching the television show Face Off, the duo decided to try their hand at prosthetic horror props. Using Halloween latex, then incorporating the use of clay in this pieces, things started to artistically evolve.

1:1 size, Oliver Zombie Bust $120+ CDN (Latex rubber, painted with ink by Kellie Magierowski, sculpted by Dan Chatterton)

Oliver Zombie Bust (Back)

DKHORRORFX still consider themselves an “underground” horror-themed business, and try to create their original visions into affordable pieces that would appeal to collectors. Dan and Kellie have a great appreciation of the style of the European zombie, best recognized in the 1979 film Zombie, by Lucio Fulci. Their sculpture entitled Zombie Larry is made from high quality latex and hand painted. Larry isn’t dead, he’s just counting brainnnsss!. The base price for this sculpture is $120 CDN, with the option to add hair, extra blood, teeth, and different colour schemes at extra cost.

Zombie “Skin” masks $40-70 CDN

Not ones for playing it safe, Dan and Kellie have progressed their brand and talents by opening their own version of a haunted attraction called “Scary Den.”
“We always said we wanted to do a haunted house but more along the lines as u just walked into a movies set/ real life,” says Dan. “Not what you typically go through on Halloween or the run-of-the mill haunted attraction. We like to call it a scare attraction or scare adventure because there is a hint at a story that went on.”

A picture of the front of the “Scary Den” from last year as it was just taking shape.

 Fans who attend the 10,000 sq. ft. attraction will find hidden “Easter eggs” from various horror movies, which only the well versed will recognize. Fully automated blood filled entrails are filled with realistic gore; there are also robotics, props and sets created by both artists. The duo worked very hard to make their Scare Den appeal to fans of horror, without relying on jump scares.
“We look at it as one giant art piece it’s meant to be enjoyed so look at it,” laughs Dan “So we will keep adding and creating more content and opening up in the summer.”

Tina – Zombie Bust with hand punched hair and extra blood effects.

Greg Zombie Bust (All zombies are modeled after the European zombie design)

The duo’s goal is to have the attraction open nine out of the 12 months in a year. If in need of a great scare, be sure to check out the Scare Den currently located at St. Thomas, Ontario at 41 Mondamin, Street, unit number 1. If collecting creepy creations is more enticing, check out DKHORRORFX on their website, where they also accept commissions. Either way, stay scary!


Chris Hammond
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