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A Cronenberg Classic is Resurrected in “RUE MORGUE #212” May/Jun 2023 Issue!

Thursday, April 20, 2023 | News

Relive a Cronenberg classic in the new issue of RUE MORGUE (#212 May/Jun 2023) featuring original cover art by ROB BIRCHFIELD! Drawing from David Cronenberg’s twin terror classic, star RACHEL WEISZ and writer ALICE BIRCH resurrect DEAD RINGERS into a deranged psychological television series. Plus! In celebration of VIDEODROME’s 40th anniversary, Rue Morgue catches up with rock icon DEBBIE HARRY to talk about her big-screen horror debut.

Also in this issue: outlaw filmmaker GASPAR NOE sets the story straight with a new version of his magnum opus, IRREVERSIBLE: THE STRAIGHT CUT, presented in chronological order; Alexis Kennedy and Lottie Bevan’s BOOK OF HOURS; and filmmaker TIM STORY embraces tropes and stereotypes with love and laughter in THE BLACKENING.

Plus! Indicator Brings JEAN ROLLIN to 4K UHD; Bowen digs up 1987’s CELLAR DWELLER; SORRY WRONG NUMBER (1948); Matt Kindt’s HAIRBALL; Andrew F. Sullivan’s THE MARIGOLD; the dreadful needlepoint of the WITCHY STITCHER; spoken word horror at the NIGHTLANDS FESTIVAL; Debate: What PG horror film was too frightening for a young audience? and more.

All this and the latest film, book, comic book, music, game and toy releases!



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