Join us for
Renaud Gauthier’s DISCOPATH


The Royal (608 College Street)

Thursday, April 17th @ 9:30 pm. - Admission $10


1970s New York: a short-order cook with boogie record-related daddy issues slays his date on the dancefloor. With cops on his heels, he escapes to Montreal and gets a job at a girls’ school, but when hears that funky music again, he murders, mutilates and goes even madder than before. Featuring gore effects by Remy Couture, DISCOPATHE is one of the wildest exploitation movies to ever do The Hustle out of Canada. Join us and director Renaud Gauthier as we play that funky music... ‘til you die. Concession items for horror fans! Licensed venue!


Sponsored by: Juice Productions, Kraken,, Eyesore Cinema




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