Meet The Rue Crew



Rodrigo grew up in Playas de Tijuana, Mexico and later in Toronto, Canada, the result of which was several years of culture shock. He has a degree in Literary Studies and Philosophy from the University of Toronto and is the President of Marrs Media Inc., founder of RUE MORGUE Magazine, RUE MORGUE Radio, RUE MORGUE's CineMacabre Movie Nights, RUE MORGUE Cinema and coordinator of RUE MORGUE's Annual Festival of Fear and Halloween Party events. Beginning in 2006, Rodrigo wrote and directed a series of award-winning shorts that culminated in a feature film, The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh, that screened theatrically across Canada in 2013. Website|Facebook



Dave was born and raised in Deadmonton, Alberta - where things blacker and more pungent than oil reside beneath the Wheat Fields of Madness. Dave grew up obsessing over dinosaurs, drawing monsters and compulsively watching a double bill of the original Dracula and Frankenstein that his parents taped off late-night TV on a VCR the size of a Hyundai. Years later he attended the University of Alberta, working at the student newspaper as Arts & Entertainment Editor, then Editor-in-Chief, and managed to complete a four-year Film Studies degree in six years (graduating magna scum laude, of course). Afterwards, he worked full-time as a freelancer for various newspapers and magazines across North America, made award-winning short films and did unspeakable things to corpses. He also developed an unhealthy crush on RUE MORGUE, and after freelancing for the mag for a couple of years, was invited to join the coven as Managing Editor. Since then, he's made the short film Fallow, published a short story called "Growth Spurts," started programming Rue Morgue's CineMacabre movie nights and taken on the role of Editor-in-Chief. 



Monica is an accomplished writer, two-time Go-Go Ghoul and once-regular smut columnist who went legit in November 2003 and joined the crew at the RUE MORGUE House of Horror full-time as Assistant Editor/Webmistress, before eventually taking over the Managing Editor position. Monica confesses to harbouring a terribly unhealthy (and somewhat creepy) obsession with words, she often draws them forth in the dark of night to manipulate and exsanguinate them, using their then spent and pliant carcasses to her own literary ends. See, we warned you. Often found curating fiction for her micro-press Burning Effigy, working on the Blood Magic Saga (her young adult horror/urban fantasy book series), or lurking beneath an unruly pile of horror novels, Monica pours her blood, sweat and acidic tears into the Ninth Circle department, all while keeping that spooky third eye of hers on the various RUE MORGUE websites. Be afraid, Monica is probably watching you too! Website|Facebook



April was born in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, where her psyche was permanently warped by fried rabbit, moonshine and Southern Baptist sermons. Still, she was a fairly normal little girl who liked to skip and wear pink until she found a stack of Tomb of Dracula comics at an impressionable age. It’s been a downhill slide ever since. April studied filmmaking at the UNC School of the Arts (no, she doesn’t know Danny McBride, please stop asking) before sharing an apartment in New York City with six deranged parrots and a leather queen. She eventually returned to her native Tennessee, where she writes and edits for RUE MORGUE, nurses an unhealthy obsession with The Facts of Life, and buys booze in mason jars from a guy named Doughbelly. Website|Facebook



Justin hails from Grimsby, a dreadful little town ominously known by locals as "Grim City." With a sprawling graveyard practically next door and an early discovery of his father's horror movie collection, Justin's fascination with all things macabre was all but assured. As his horror obsession grew, so did his artistic abilities. Naturally his preferred subject matter was the monsters and ghouls of haunted houses and late-night creature features. In 2005, Justin graduated from Sheridan College's interpretive illustration program and immediately began madly carving a name out for himself in the industry, freelancing with such clients as White Wolf Publishing and Chad Michael Ward. After submitting his portfolio - bound in human flesh and inked in blood, of course - Justin joined RUE MORGUE as Graphic Designer in 2007, and was promoted to Art Director in January 2012. He is currently the magazine's Design Consultant. Website



Ron McKenzie grew up in the Great White North (Red Lake, Ontario, to be exact). Like other kids his age his days were filled with the regular rites of passage: climbing trees, building forts, outrunning hungry Wendigo when the sun went down. His mind and soul were nourished on a steady diet of comic books, B-movies (rented every weekend from the local video store), the works of Clive Barker, and the Time-Life Mysterious World books.  But all young men must find their way in the world, and it was thus that many years later, Ron found himself at the doors of The House of Horror. After running the gauntlet of tests and challenges that came with his initiation (he still wets himself a little when he gets too close to "that damned basement"), he finally found a place where he belonged. On top of his duties as Office Manager, Ron also collaborates with his daughter (a monster-kid in training) on Daddy’s Little Monster, found semi-regularly on this here website. If you’re writing an e-mail or making a phone call to Rue Morgue, he’s the silver-tongued devil (the result of a smelting accident back home - he’s kinda touchy about it) on the other end. Twitter



Marco is the Vice President and financial controller of Marrs Media Inc. He also owns a film production company called Veni Vidi Vici Motion Pictures which has produced several music videos and award-winning films, including The Eyes of Edward James, The Demonology of Desire and Pink.



Jody met Rodrigo early on in the history of RUE MORGUE. He was the company's first ever employee and, as he is fond of telling people, he was the first to lay eyes on RUE MORGUE's premiere issue in 1997 even before Rodrigo did. Jody doesn't quite know how he ended up being the marketing/advertising manager of a horror magazine, but he became so good at it that he now owns a part of the company. A resident of Port Perry, Ontario, Jody is a hillbilly at heart and hates driving downtown.



Brad Abraham is the creator of the acclaimed indie comic book series Mixtape, and the screenwriter behind the films Fresh Meat, The Picco Incident, Stonehenge Apocalypse, and Robocop: Prime Directives. He is currently developing the dark children's fantasy thriller Weaver Island with the ghoulish folks at Rue Morgue Cinema. A resident of NYC, he is pleased to report that while its C.H.U.D. problem is relatively under control, it's best to stay indoors after dark anyway, because of the Wolfen. Website|Twitter



Emma left England for Canada nearly ten years ago and has never looked back. Her creative fashion sense never ceases to amaze and she always seems to be smiling... or is it leering? Emma reads suspense and horror lit in her spare time, owns a Chihuahua named Burton and her favourite movies include The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Zombie and, of course, anything by George Romero.



Stuart was born in Liverpool, England in the same maternity ward where some of the more cheerful members of the Beatles first came into being. But unlike his loveable moptop brethren, Feedback did not enter the world kicking and screaming, he came in black and blue and barely breathing, with the umbilical cord wrapped firmly around his neck so it's no surprise that he ended up writing for RUE MORGUE. Feedback produces weekly interview segments for RUE MORGUE Radio and forms one half of The Caustic Critics. Feedback also hosts CKLN Radio's weekly film show Cinephobia and is the director of the infamous sub cult classic, The Goldfarb Variations, the film that does for latent homosexuality what Gary Glitter did for child pornography.



A.S. Berman is a paid up member of Sion Sono's "Suicide Club," misses the DC horror comics of the 1980s horribly, and is so hardcore he wrote The New Horror Handbook and The Gilmore Girls Companion back to back. (Did we mention the split personalities?)



Aside from penning RUE MORGUE's monthly It Came From Bowen's Basement column, John is a film reviewer, occasional feature writer, aspiring (unproduced) screenwriter, aging rocker and full-time curmudgeon. Passions: the Phantasm films, Beethoven, The Donnas, The Supersuckers, Shostakovich. Aliases: El Borracho Grande, Sir Drinksalot, Onan the Barbarian. Known accomplices: The Pariahs (thirtysomething indie rock gawds - arguably Toronto's loudest and drunkest band). Usual haunts: Toronto's legendary El Mocambo (w/The Pariahs), Toronto's almost equally legendary Brass Rail Tavern. CAUTION: Although subject is unarmed and very skinny, he is reputed to have been in a foul mood since 1989.



James has been fascinated with monsters and all things scary since the age of three. Growing up in Toronto during the '70s and '80s, he fed his insatiable appetite for horror with a steady diet of Hilarious House of Frightenstein and Saturday afternoon TV matinees of Universal, Hammer and Amicus flicks - all while eating too many bowls of Count Chocula, Boo Berry and Franken Berry. Slogging away as a freelance newspaper and magazine writer, James longed to write about his favourite subject and one day found himself walking the undead path to RUE MORGUE's offices. An avid collector of monster figures, model kits, vintage board games, movie posters and books, James spends his spare time searching for the next item to add to his eclectic and ever-growing collection of horror ephemera. 



Paul watches far too many movies, typically very bad ones. When not unearthing vintage horror, drive-in schlock and exploitation oddities for RUE MORGUE, Paul plumbs the sleazy depths of Canadian B-films on his own website, Website|Twitter



Known at Rue Morgue parties as playfully ghastly host Twitch Cuvier, Fisher also illustrates the magazine's monthly "The Disfigures of Speech." Apart from creating macabre imagery, Fisher de-composes unsettling music, including the soundtrack reinterpretation of the Quay Brothers' short films, titled Nightmare Picture Theatre.



Tomb is gatekeeper to The Audio Drome and has an unnatural lust for horror punk, psychobilly and creepy soundtrack scores. Cinematically, Tomb gets stiff with the Living Dead, digs weird new ideas and likes a good laugh as much as a great scare. He is the voice behind RUE MORGUE Radio, and on a mission to save souls... with scary movies and rot 'n' roll music! Website|Twitter



The Gore-Met cut his teeth on Ultraman, Godzilla and all things horror on television in the early '70s, and was on a steady course until the advent of home video in the early '80s. After a double bill of I Spit On Your Grave and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre left him entirely unhinged, The Gore-met has spent the years since in search of bigger, better and more obscure schlock. Sitting through many a crapbomb so you don't have to, The Gore-met strives to deliver the goods on those forgotten and ignored films, both new and old.



Like all good goth girls, Liisa loves vampire stories, writes poetry and still owns a hair crimper. She's a journalist and radio/TV commentator specializing in music and unpopular culture and the author of Encyclopedia Gothica (a dictionary for the doomed from Absinthe to Zombies) and How to Kill a Vampire: Fangs in Folklore, Film and Fiction. You may remember her as the Blood Spattered Guide to Music on Rue Morgue Radio (R.I.P.) and for her years of service reviewing vampire films of questionable quality for the magazine. Her interests include dead things, arcane words, bloodsucking freaks, collecting human bones, Jack Skellington, travels of terror and eradicating typos. Website|Facebook



Lance had been begging for a chance to appear in the magazine for years until one day, RUE MORGUE finally acquiesced. He figured it took a certain amount of intestinal fortitude to happily sit through the bottom bin movies no one else could stomach. In addition to his column, Last Rites, he also contributes film reviews and features on more crap that only he could have a taste for.



Andrew is the 17-year-old genius who invented 68-sided dice and has made a comfortable living from the patent ever since. He spends his time between Tokyo, Japan and Toronto playing video, board, card, RPG and LARP games in an attempt to once and for all destroy his brain. His hobbies include stalking black-capped chickadees and he has the largest collection of Chinese noodle wrappers in the Western Hemisphere. His main goal in life is to discover where the letter 'S' comes from.



Aaron grew up on comic books, a stack of Alice Cooper records, and every crappy horror movie obtainable in his hometown mecca of unemployment known as Sudbury, Ontario. Here in Toronto, Aaron's obsessions remain the same '80s horror films, Japanese movie monsters, horror punk, and gore-grind - mindless entertainment is the highest form of art for this Catholic boy. He works a variety of boring jobs, and was a student of the University of Toronto for too long. A long-time resident of the Audio Drome, Aaron is RUE MORGUE's resident metal and horror punk expert.



Joseph writes movies, television and comics. When he's not doing that, he writes about movies, television and comics. His screenwriting credits include the thriller Papertrail, starring Michael Madsen and the late Chris Penn, and the television miniseries RoboCop: Prime Directives. His first published work in comics, Revolution on the Planet of the Apes, garnered him a nomination for the prestigious Shuster Award for Outstanding Writer of 2006, and his short horror fiction can be found in two award-winning anthologies, Queer Fear and Queer Fear II. He's been contributing to RUE MORGUE since its fifth issue and plans to be around for its 500th. Twitter



Sean Plummer's gateway drug to horror was TV's Hilarious House of Frightensteinback in the '70s. Since then he has indulged his horror habit by writing for RUE MORGUE since issue six, launching his own dark culture blog (Dark Lord Bunnykins), and was recently hired to blog for RM as well. In the real world, Sean spent fourteen years as editor of Access Magazine (a job that allowed him to interview the likes of Marilyn Manson and Clive Barker), and has freelanced for, Flare, Details, The Toronto Star and CBC Radio. Website|Twitter



Possessed with a true affinity for horror, Gary is RUE MORGUE's former Art Director, who was voted Artist of the Year for 2009 in the Best Artist category at the Rondo Hatton Awards. He cut his teeth on The Hilarious House of Frightenstein, Universal Monsters, the gore-soaked flicks of the '80s and the films of Vincent Price. Though Ghoulish Gary actually acquired his first set of markers from a priest at the tender age of six, he immediately employed them to do the Devil's work by devoting his craft to monsters and villains. Gary brings a broad range of artistic influences to the RUE MORGUE chopping block, including R. Crumb, Charles Burns and Basil Gogos. Gary has had the pleasure of working with notable artists such as Daniel Horne, Clive Barker, Basil Gogos and Mike Mignola to name a few. Gary is also the man behind RUE MORGUE's now-infamous logo. While he left RUE MORGUE at the end of 2011 to pursue his own projects, his work continues to appear in the magazine via his monthly art column "The Fright Gallery." Website|Twitter



Jessa is the product of two horror junkies; her father fed her hunger for rotten movies, while her mother fueled her insomnia with gruesome books. Pursuing a life that allowed for as much reading and morbid obsessions as possible, Jessa slinked off to University, majoring in mind games (philosophy) and minoring in insanity (psychology). But her desire for the macabre (and disturbing need to surround herself with stationary) was not satisfied until she wandered into the Rue Morgue House of Horror and fell into an internship in late 2007. After she died in an avalanche of back issues, was buried and re-animated as Audra's office assistant, she became office manager. These days, she no longer haunts our offices, having handed the reins over to Ron McKenzie, but continues to appear in the pages of the magazine as a freelance contributor. 

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