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Like many fans of their feminist rape revenge indie American Mary, I was a bit blindsided by news that the next movie coming from the Soska Sisters was a sequel to the 2006 WWE Studios produced slasher flick starring champion wrestler Glenn Jacobs, a.k.a. Kane.

And given how quickly it rolled before cameras (the entire film was shot in just 15 days in October), I assumed it was more or less a ‘director for hire’ paycheque type gig for the filmmakers. Or who knows? Maybe they were actually long time wrestling fans and this was one of their dream projects?

Either way, I had to find out. So I reached out to the Twisted Twins with just one question:

STUART FEEDBACK ANDREWS: See No Evil 2? What the fuck?!!!

JEN SOSKA: You’re not alone in the “what the dick are the Soskas thinking?” category. You’re actually quite right. We are LONG time WWE fans, from back when it was the WWF not WWE and the content was uber mature and not quite as clean as they try to go for these days.

We started to watch one day when I saw the Undertaker on TV. He wasn’t wrestling, he was talking to the audience and I fell instantly in love. It was 1997 and the WWF was doing a big build up to introduce the Undertaker’s fabled brother, Kane. It was amazing how he owned the mic and like a rockstar commanded the attention of the audience. He became my favorite and Sylv loved Shawn Michaels. They faced off that year in a match that would be interrupted (very much in typical WWE fashion) by the arrival of Kane. That very year, Lionsgate Studios formed in our hometown of Vancouver and we dreamed of one day working there.

JEN SOSKA: When we were asked to read the script with the two studios attached, we were excited. We have read so many scripts since MARY came out and had so many studio offers. Every single one wanted the same thing. AMERICAN MARY again. Same budget, same medical horror theme, starring Katie. I couldn’t fucking believe it! After trying so hard to make something new and original and being shot down again and again only to have people want that exact movie after we just made it was really annoying. Also, anything that differed allowed no money, all under a million, and with no allowance for us to have any script input.

The script we read first for SNE2 was solid and we were assured we would have full support and creative freedom, which has actually turned out quite true. In fact, you may be surprised by how much freedom they’ve given us. We have long wanted to be able to tackle every sub genre in horror and to do this style of Halloween~esque horror movie. To get to do it with one of our very favorite wrestlers was a big win. And as you know, we’re shameless self promoters and it’s pretty incredible to have the power of the WWE behind us.

JEN SOSKA: So, yeah, it really is a passion project and an obvious underdog. I mean, I’ve seen the first one and we both felt Glenn deserved a much better film. He’s a very sweet guy and a tremendous actor. And now a friend.
Doing this and having been bullied in school for our dark tastes and wrestling love, I know that we will take a lot of shit for this film and there will be plenty of people going in wanting to hate it that will no matter how good it is.

But I’ll tell you this, this film is very fucking good. It’s AMERICAN KANE~Y. It’s got a full range of emotion and it’s actually scary. We’ve done upsetting, but this is terrifying. It’s an action horror movie. It has real gore to make happy everyone who missed it in MARY and it still has incredibly emotional scenes throughout. No throw away characters and an all star cast.

But I think a lot of people will be blown the fuck away by it. Especially since they’re expecting us to be on a tight studio leash and pump out a piece of crap. I will tell you one thing. We sure as hell aren’t doing it for the money, ha ha.


Alongside Kane, See No Evil 2 stars scream queen Danielle Harris (Rob Zombie’s Halloween) and Katherine Isabelle (American Mary) and is scheduled to materialise in early 2014 with Lionsgate handling worldwide distribution.

For more information, check out the Facebook page:

The Soska Sisters are also directing segments in the forthcoming anthologies The ABC’s of Death 2 and the Dark Sky produced XX featuring all female-filmmakers that includes such established veteran directors like Jennifer Lynch and Mary Harron.

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