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The International Make-Up Artist Trade Show (a.k.a. IMATS) is the make-up world’s largest gathering. Thousands of artists, vendors and professionals from fashion and film assemble to debut new products and provide education. The show is held six times a year, in Los Angeles, New York, London, Vancouver, Sydney and Toronto.

On November the 9th & 10th, IMATS invaded the Toronto Metro Convention Centre. Stuart Feedback Andrews, host of The Rue Morgue Podcast, was on hand with his trusty Canon Powershot to amass a ton of photographic evidence.

So for your voyeuristic delight, here’s some of the juiciest highlights of the weekend:

SAT, NOV. 9th

The Make-Up Artist Magazine booth:

Make-Up Artist Magazine is the industry’s premier publication and the entity behind IMATS.

First stop was the Q&A with make-up artist Jordan Samuel moderated by Make-Up Artist Magazine publisher (and make-up veteran) Michael Key.

Jordan Samuel was the make-up department head for the remakes of Total Recall, Carrie, Pacific Rim and the forthcoming Guillermo del Toro produced television series The Strain (currently in production here in Toronto at Pinewood Studios.)

The Complections College of Makeup Art & Design booth:

Complections is one of Canada’s most renowned make-up schools. Some of the student work on display at the booth:

Veteran monster mag journalist, Make-Up Artist magazine contributor and IMATS moderator Joe Nazzaro:

Some of the action on the floor:

Brilliant special effects make-up artist, sculptor and teacher Don Lanning (Hellboy) takes the stage for an impassioned and inspirational talk:

Stay tuned to The Rue Morgue Podcast for Feedback’s upcoming interview with Mr. Lanning. In the meantime, check out his Facebook page here:

If you want to learn how to sculpt creatures, sign up for Mr. Lanning’s videos at the Stan Winston School of Character Arts:

Don Lanning with Canadian make-up artist, Trason Fernandez:

Make-up artists Nicola Bendrey, Kyle James Hutchinson, Neil Morrill, Neil’s wife Susan Krol and Devon Ellis:

And the last shot of the day – Marilyn Monroe impersonator Miss Kitten Monroe:

SUN, NOV. 10th

Day Two kicked off with the Defiance panel.

Make-up effects artist Paul Jones, actor Trenna Keating, make-up department head Colin Penman and moderator Joe Nazzaro:

Colin Penman and Joe Nazarro:

Make-up artists Zane Knisely, Anthony Veilleux, Nicola Bendrey, Michael J. Walsh and Patrick Baxter:

Winner of the Student Make-up Competition, Jeannine Sattherthwaite:

Make-up artist, Kat Von Pire:

On the floor:

IMATS came to a close with one of the high points of the weekend – Michael Key’s interview with David Martí & Montse Ribé from Spanish make-up effects shop (now transplanted to Toronto) DDT Efectos Especiales, the 2007 Academy Award winning team behind Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth:

The next edition of IMATS will be held in Los Angeles from Jan 17-19, 2014.

For more information, visit:

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  1. Anthony says:

    Thanks for taking the time to document the weekend and big thanks for sharing the pics…always a blast to be there and to see all the familiar faces. Most people don’t realize that when we all work on these big fx films either on set or in the shops…we hardly ever get to hang out with the people we work with…the days are too long and sleep at a premium, so these events really are a very welcome time to just visit with peers and our comrades in rubber!!

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