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on November 23, 2013 | 4 Comments

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Last Chance Lance joins me for a special Five Sleazy Pieces tribute to the greatest television series ever produced.

Lance not only reveals his top five Twilight Zone episodes but also a litany of neuroses, anxieties, sensitives and wish fulfillment fantasies we never knew he possessed (although looking back, we were probably better off not knowing!)

On November 19th, Image Entertainment released a bare-bones, ‘episodes only’ DVD box set of The Twilight Zone: The Complete Series, all five seasons available for the most affordable price yet.

Slooshy Well (in the Twilight Zone!)


The Rue Morgue Podcast recently invaded the 2013 IMATS in Toronto. Check out the Photo-Blog here:

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Responses to Episode 140: THE TWILIGHT ZONE VOL. I

  1. arseface says:

    It’s clear that you did have time to record that night but chose instead to devour a massive quantity of meat and that’s why your tales differ.

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