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Episode 138: BACK IN CRACK

on November 7, 2013 | 18 Comments

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Feedback, Winston and Lance are back (in crack) for another episode of Post Apocalypse – coming at ya from the sordid depths of Toronto, Onterrible, party capital of Canada!

Slooshy Well!


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Responses to Episode 138: BACK IN CRACK

  1. ROBERT BLACK says:

    Inquiry: What has this to do with Cinema? Is the title of the show Cinephobia or Fordophobia? Regardless,it was interesting.

    Oh,and although I’m not a Ford supporter,I agree with the slightly douchey Lance on many aspects of it.Unless Ford is criminally charged.. STFU. These are his personal problems dragged into a public arena,it has nothing to do with his fiscal platform for running the city. And yes, I’d still take him over George 5 years of hard drugs,gay sex,and losing a billion dollars in the E-health scandal Smitherman or Karen I’ve fucked up the TTC Stintz.

  2. Feedback says:

    “Inquiry: What has this to do with Cinema?”

    The main idea behind the shows with Lance is not necessarily to discuss cinema but to respond to various listener emails and comments.

  3. Henrik Christensen says:

    Hello Feedback and Lance,

    My name is Henrik and I am something of a newcomer to the podcast. First and foremost, I just wanted to say thank you for an interesting, entertaining and thought-provoking horror podcast. I enjoy in equal measure the interviews, discussions on everything horror oriented and, last but not least, the bantering and raving. Since there doesn’t exist any horror or genre culture here in Sweden, your podcast is a constant source of enlightenment. I am constantly made aware of how rich the horror culture is, discovering something new every time I tune in. Thank you very much for this gentlemen!

    Regarding this very episode, I felt inclined to comment on some of the topics discussed. Pertaining to the Robert Ford crack cocaine situation, there seems to be a misapprehension and confusion about the issue at hand. What is crucial is not the political affiliations and inclinations of Ford, nor his policies, but rather what we as the voting community demand of our elected officials. We elect our politicians to public office on a basis of trust, and if that trust is compromised or undermined by the actions of our officials, then we must demand that they step down and resign. That seems to me to be a fundamental principle of democracy. And, whether we support Ford or not, smoking crack cocaine (whether once or habitually) and behaving irrationally and inappropriately, inebriated or not, will erode our belief in both the politician himself, and, potentially, also in the system as such.

    Furthermore, I agree with your stance on the way social media changes almost every aspect of how we communicate. It is horrendous to see how the distinction between vital and trivial information and opinion is completely blurred by, for example, Facebook. And it is frightening to see how social media has become a source of self-confirmation, and a system for elevating whomsoever without regard to merits to unreasonable heights. Every other blogger and twitterer becomes a demigod. I actually know a person who spends a large portion of her spare time on Facebook, and she has more or less stopped experiencing thing in real time, and rather registers and reports the events being experienced as they take place. Even though this person has had a difficult childhood and grew up being bullied and rejected in school and is therefore in need of constant validation, I believe that this is an all to common phenomena. Zadie Smith wrote in an article in the New York Review of Books, speaking of the film The Social Network, that it “is a cruel portrait of us: 500 million sentient people entrapped in the recent careless thoughts of a Harvard sophomore.” Today I finally terminated my account for good. We need to return to being just that, sentient beings, not unmindful consumers created out of somebody’s convoluted, detached and impersonal idea of human interaction and communication.

    To round up, I once again thank you for the many hours of great listening. Please, do keep up the good work!

    Henrik Christensen

    • Feedback says:

      Thanks for the awesome comment, Henrik!

      Of course – I fully agree with everything you said!

      (Where the LIKE button when you need it?)

  4. Feedback says:

    As for Rob Ford, I don’t know enough about his fiscal policies to weigh in on the discussion. My issue with him is that he’s an arrogant liar. When he turned to the press to say, “I wasn’t lying. You just weren’t asking the right questions….” I wanted to throw up.

    It’s starting to look as though arrogant liars incapable of assuming responsibility for their misdeeds (even when caught red-handed) are becoming something of an epidemic here in Toronto. There’s something disturbed in the cultural ‘shitegeist.’

    As for Ford’s colleagues, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re all as corrupt as he is so I’m not putting him down in favour of one of them.

    But surely we can do better than this chone.

  5. Abdul Manaf says:

    Hi,just wanted to say i love your podcast for discussing about the hidden gems in horror movies and bringing to my attention the antics of the awesome persona that is Robert Ford.Just have one question who did the podcast title soundtrack and what is the name of the track and the album..

    It is glorious..

    • Feedback says:

      There’s a revolving number of themes for the podcast – but the one used on this episode was the HAMMER HOUSE OF HOUSE OF HORROR theme from the short lived (one season) TV show from England in the ’80′s.

      Here’s the full version (which I’ll have to play in its entirety on the show sometime.)

      • Abdul Manaf says:


        and keep up the goodwork..

        my daily commute to work wouldn’t be as entertaining without you guys..

  6. Dark Mark says:

    If Lamp is the last sane man on the planet then we are truly in trouble…But he may be correct. How did the critics become more important than the creators?

  7. Chris soto says:

    It was so good to hear Winston thanks feedback u the man and Winston I need some music

  8. Curtis says:

    I haven’t commented in a while, but I’m still enjoying the podcast. Keep up the good work!

  9. Chris soto says:

    Awesome podcast bossman

  10. Alan says:

    This ep was the second episode I’ve listened to on this podcast. Lance seems to be a nice guy but so misguided. If not for Lance this would have been the last episode I would listened to.

    It’s ok. Trying to speak logically to Ford Nation is like banging one’s head against a wall.

    I’m not offended by much but Lance’s comments about the Philippines were offensive. Dude, eating bugs…really? Shows how uncultured and ignorant he is. Way to keep up the good image of the Armed Forces.

    • Feedback says:

      Yeah, I agree to a point. The Philippines comments were dodgy although I have to take the blame for that. In Lance’s defense, he wasn’t being serious. He often throws things at me knowing I’ll have to edit them out or ask for a retake.

      In this case, I left the comments in because it allowed me to address my new strategy for dealing with such antics (i.e. the cat noises.) In retrospect, Lance was making a ‘parody’ of cultural ignorance more than a deliberate attempt to proliferate it.

      Or at least I think that was the case. If I believed he was being serious or that there any real malice in his comments, I would have removed them. But as outrageous as some of his remarks are, he’s rarely hateful (except when it comes to cats.)

      In this case though, it’s possible I crossed a line by keeping those comments (and Lance is probably surprised I did too.)

      I’ll read your comment on a future episode of the show to get his reaction.

      But as this is one of your first encounters with the Rue Morgue Podcast, please don’t let the shows with Lance scare you off from checking out some of the other episodes. Allow me to recommend a couple of my personal favourites (and if the following don’t win you over, then I will cease trying to convert you – coz I can’t do any better than this):

      TED KOTCHEFF (Wake In Fright) VOL I:

      DANIEL LICHT (Dexter):

      JAMES NGUYEN (Birdemic)

      ALEJANDRO JODOROWSKY (The Holy Mountain)

      Slooshy well!

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