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Pseudopod Asks Listeners to ‘Save the Pod’

on October 25, 2013 | 1 Comment

Recently, veteran host Alasdair Stuart of Pseudopod (RMs #72 & #134) announced that Escape Artists, Inc. is currently in “serious financial trouble,” warning listeners that Pseudopod and its sister podcasts, Podcastle and Escape Pod, will shut down at the end of 2013 unless they receive the funds necessary to continue. Since its establishment in 2006, Pseudopod has published hundreds of horror-fiction podcasts, featuring authors such as Scott Sigler, AC Wise, Eugie Foster, and David Barr Kirtley. It also won a Parsec Award in 2009 for Best Speculative Fiction or Anthology Podcast. People who want to help can go to pseudopod.org and either click “Feed the Pod” to make a one-time donation, subscribe, or purchase archive discs (DVDs containing high-quality mp3 versions of the stories on the site.) New Subscribers, Subscribers, and anyone making a one-time donation of $50, before November 30th, will receive premium content flash stories in December.

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One Response to Pseudopod Asks Listeners to ‘Save the Pod’

  1. Thanks so much for getting the word out! As a point of clarification, anyone who donates $50 or more OR who subscribes gets the bonus stories. We at Pseudopod pride ourselves on helping to keep the horror short fiction genre alive and relevant in this day and age and all your help is greatly appreciated!

    Shawn Garrett
    Editor, Pseudopod

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