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A ’50s Horror Comic Comes To Life

on September 20, 2013 | 1 Comment

I love love love 1950s horror comics, and so does my pal Jason Willis. Thanks to Jason, I have a new Halloween tradition: eagerly anticipating whatever rad video project(s) he comes up with to celebrate the reason for the season. This year, Jason made a fake ad spot for issue #8 of Standard Comics’ Adventures into Darkness. It’s all kinds of fun. (Scroll down to see the comic book cover that inspired the video.)

“Most of my projects are based on ‘what do I wish already existed?’” said Jason when asked why the hell he made this. “You know, stuff like ‘a full-length hard rock LP released in 1976 entitled Fruit Brute Sings!’ or whatever. I really dig old horror comic art and always wished that there were animated versions of those scenes out there. I figured the next best thing to a full length Saturday morning pre-code ’50s horror cartoon might be imaginary commercials for some of my favorites comics, so that’s kinda what I was shooting for here.”

“Adventures Into Darkness” 30 Second Spot (Issue #8, Feb 1953) from Jason Willis on Vimeo.

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One Response to A ’50s Horror Comic Comes To Life

  1. David Goulet says:

    Very, very cool!

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