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Some good news. Some bad news.

If you missed Joe Dante’s Q&A from the 2013 Festival of Fear, the good news is we recorded it. The bad news is, the audio’s a bit wonky.

It’s just on the wrong side of being acceptable enough for the Rue Morgue Podcast but it’s still very listenable. So I’m uploading it anyway because it’s Joe Dante and he’s awesome and it’s a great interview!

Moderated by Rue Morgue’s Dave Alexander, Joe discusses upon all sorts of juicy bits and bobs, from his early fascination with Saturday afternoon matinees and Famous Monsters of Filmland to working with the likes of Roger Corman, Rob Bottin and Bruce Dern to making movies like Piranha, The Howling, The Twilight Zone, The ‘Burbs, Amazon Women on the Moon, The Hole and of course, Gremlins.

Actual studio exec dialogue as revealed by Mr. Dante in this Q&A:

Exec: These GREMLINS are so disgusting. They blow their nose on the curtains. And do we need to have so many of them?

Spielberg: Well, we could cut them all out and call the movie, PEOPLE!

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  1. Owen Garth says:

    Thanks for uploading regardless, FB. If I can listen to the Doug Bradley panel, then this should be no problem.

    I’ve listened to Mr. Dante’s commentary on THE HOWLING, but never an interview so I am interested.

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