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Here’s an easy way to support a great horror press

on August 1, 2013 | 3 Comments

The faithful among you have no doubt seen the name Brian J. Showers in the Ninth Circle section of the magazine, where he’s a regular contributor. Brian has his own genre imprint called SWAN RIVER PRESS that specializes in “literature of the Gothic, fantastic, strange, and supernatural, with an emphasis on Ireland’s past and present contributions to the genre.”

Swan River Press is currently in the running for a Guinness Arts Grant in Ireland. As you probably know, these are challenging times for publishers whose catalogs are a bit off the beaten path, so the grant would be a boon to Swan River and its authors. You can help them get it by going here and casting your vote. Please note you can vote once every day, and encourage your friends to do the same!

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Responses to Here’s an easy way to support a great horror press

  1. Thanks so much, guys!

    This is indeed very important to the future of Swan River Press, Ireland’s only dedicated genre publisher. Funding from Guinness would means we can publish even more great books!

    Each and every vote means a lot to me, and those who vote every day and help spread the word until 23 August… I’ll not be able to thank you enough!

    You can follow us on Facebook:

    and Twitter:

    …where we’ll be revealing more about our future publications as we reach our vote goals!

    And this competition ain’t no long shot either: Swan River Press is already the #1 project in the Arts Category–all we have to do is stay there! But out competitors are steadily rising . . . tide’s getting high, time to stay alive!

    Thanks again, Rue Morgue!

    Brian J. Showers

  2. M.G. Dark says:

    Done & done. Logged on, voted sent “Friends request” on Facebook to keep up with info on future publications & “shared” April’s post on voting. :) Good luck Mr. Showers, on this competition & in future endeavors.

  3. Cheers, M.G. Dark! :-)

    And for anyone who doesn’t believe how serious I am, there’s this:

    Thanks again, everyone!


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