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Technical problems with RM digital

on April 11, 2013 | 4 Comments

Our computer overlords have been tetchy lately. There are some technical problems with the digital edition of RM#132 for both iDevices and Android, and we’re hard at work with our digital service provider to resolve them. We’re aware of the “missing xml file” error message some readers are getting; if you’re having a different problem, please send a detailed description of the glitch to

Thank you for your patience while we get this sorted out! We’ll keep you updated as we get the situation resolved.

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Responses to Technical problems with RM digital

  1. Dark Mark says:

    I was wondering where the Yudu digital edition was…

  2. d york says:

    Is this resolved yet? Can’t access digital copy of 200 movies to see on android. Any ideas?

    • Monica S. Kuebler says:

      Hi d york –

      I just booted up the office Android tablet and I can see the 200 Alt. Movies supplement listed among the rest of the issues in the in-app store, along with a “buy” button. Can you please provide some more specific info about what’s causing you grief with buying/downloading this edition? Are you, for instance, getting any error messages, etc., when you try?

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