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on February 21, 2013 | 4 Comments

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On this installment of Post Apocalypse, Lance and I finally announce the contest winners for the 5 disc The Hammer House of Horror DVD courtesy of Synapse Films – and one of three copies of Color Correct My Cock courtesy of the mad buggers over at Vagrancy Films.

Plus…we review Coffin Joe’s 1985 ‘soon to be cult classic’ 24 Horas de Sexo Explícito (and we can all blame the Demon of Des Moines for sending it in!).



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Responses to Episode 106: IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH

  1. David S says:

    Who knew something positive would come out of those teenage fumblings. Can I just say I love the Lance jingle about my bloody thumb. Fantastic. I would love a VHS of the Colour Correct. I actually have the Blu-Ray DVD combo, it is an insane trailer comp. Thanks again guys. This was fun.

  2. Nick English says:

    Thanks, guys! Even Lance. It’s a virtual hetero love fest between us these days, what with our bonding over Halloween 3 and now this! I’ll take Color Correct on blu-ray if any are available.

    And Feedback, your aural imagining of my experience was beautiful, except for one thing: Those were the pre-Elmo days. I can only imagine how much MORE annoying it would have been if he was there. Plus, with all the young boys in the theater, who knows where the puppeteer might have tried to put his OTHER hand.

  3. FDBK says:

    Nick. You should be a professional radio joke writer!

  4. FDBK says:

    P.S. When we hear from the third winner, I’ll check in with the Vagrancy fiends and see what they got left….!

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