Road Kill

Roadkill: Terrible Terrors in Two Minutes

on January 19, 2013 | Leave a comment

Geniuses, psychopaths, or maybe a bit of both, the fine folks that contribute to and run the website Everything is Terrible! devote their time and energy to sifting through the dregs of video media history to bring the intrepid internaut the funniest, kitchiest and strangest videos known to mankind. Made up mostly of public access programs, cheesy music videos, infomercials and PSAs, the videos featured on the site come off like straight-faced renditions of Tim and Eric sketches.

EIT!’s greatest achievements are their two-minute versions of some of the worst fright flicks to ever pollute video store shelves. A triumph for the fan of horrible horror, these shorts allow you to easily experience the best moments of the worst movies, giving you more time to spend finding other ways to ignore your loved ones.

The following are a few of my favourite two-minute terrors.

Infested. About killer flies and appreciation of vinyl recordings, starring the Pink Ranger.

Death Spa. Computers are to blame for a spa turned homicidal.

Beaks: The Movie. A Mexican-made inspiration to Birdemic.

And finally Truth or Dare, which definitely wins best performance.

Patrick Dolan

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