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Welcome to The Rue Morgue Manor!

on December 13, 2012 | 8 Comments

We had many good years at the Rue Morgue House of Horror, but if there’s one thing every fright fan knows, it’s this: Sooner or later, everything changes. Effective this very minute, the House of Horror is no more, and the Rue Crew will be rattling its chains in RM‘s new home. Allow me to introduce…

The Rue Morgue Manor!

This isn’t a proper introduction, of course — that will come later, I promise. Dave, Monica, Justin, Ron and the gang are working hard to break in our fancy new digs at 1411 Dufferin Street (has a nice, ominous ring to it, doesn’t it?). For now, though, wipe the cobwebs off your Rolodex and make a note of Rue Morgue‘s new residence.

From now on, all suspicious packages, chain-letter curses and shady visitors should be directed to our new address:

The Rue Morgue Manor
1411 Dufferin Street
Toronto, Ontario M6H 4C7

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Responses to Welcome to The Rue Morgue Manor!

  1. David Goulet says:

    What does one bring to a haunted house warming?

  2. Kevin Serrick says:

    Happy Hauntings!! to the new Rue Morgue Manor!!…

  3. Dark Mark says:

    Here’s wishing you all the very best of fortune in your new home.

  4. Mike Wyse says:

    It will be sad to see you leave…I loved walking by and peering into the Dundas location and dropping in the odd time. Wishing you all the best at the new Location!

  5. Garnet says:

    Great to hear it’s official. Turns out this space used to be the HQ of the riding’s Liberal association, so whatever Rue Morgue does to desecrate it is probably well deserved.

  6. Circa says:

    Did the Dundas Bldg end up being sold? The funeral home was perfect for RM sad to see RM leave the neighbourhood.

  7. Congratulations on your new “digs”, guys. May there be plenty of bats in your belfry!

  8. John Borley says:

    Do you folks buy any collectable items? I have Spiderman 12 1/2″ action figure, 1977 Mego edition, in original box (but has been opened). I read Mr Burrell’s article on WorthPoint, which indicates that he is a long-time collector, which is why I am writing.

    Let me know. Sorry to bother you if you don’t!


    J. Borley

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