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Episode 097: WAR IS PEACE

on December 20, 2012 | 66 Comments

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It’s the Rue Morgue Podcast Christmas Special!

Last Chance Lance join me to read more of the contest entries we got for the 5 disc The Hammer House of Horror DVD courtesy of Synapse Films – and one of three copies of Color Correct My Cock courtesy of the mad buggers over at Vagrancy Films.

And we have a new contest! Win one of three copies of Rue Morgue’s 200 Alternative Horror Films You Need To See! (100 per cent Lance Chance Lance Free!)

Have A Christmas!


p.s. And for your edification (and nightmares)…

Here he is – The DEMON OF DES MOINES! (If you see this man in public, run to a safe place and contact the authorities immediately.)

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Responses to Episode 097: WAR IS PEACE

  1. Owen Garth says:

    Friday…8PM…Banjara Indian Cuisine

    It will be magical, Lance.

    I will let Tara watch.

    • Tara says:

      I’m very sorry, Lance, I’m just hearing this now. Did Owen join you? Was it fun? I do love that restaurant, and the one next door with the yummy dosas. Another time, if you’ll allow… and perhaps with your partner as well? Lovely touch, Feedback, with the Silence of the Lambs score. If I’m fortunate enough, and armed, meeting you would also be a pleasure, Mr. Garth.

      • Owen Garth says:

        I hope he didn’t mean last Friday, I’m still trying to figure a way to sneak across the border. Need to disguise my van somehow. Don’t worry, Tara, when I get there I will collect you and we can seek out Lance together…

  2. OMS says:

    Black Sabbath
    The Night of the Hunter
    Red White & Blue
    Sleepaway Camp

  3. Chris Soto says:


    • Feedback says:

      It should have arrived by now! So hopefully it hasn’t gone AWOL. Keep me posted and I’m glad we cheered up your Christmas!

  4. Johnnie says:

    My picks would have to be Fire Walk With Me, Halloween III, Hausu, Ghostwatch and Stan Brakhage’s The Act of Seeing With One’s Own Eyes.

  5. Pleasew enter me in the contest Thank You

  6. Andrea says:

    Lots of tooth talk in this episode! I can personally attest that Paul Corupe has impeccable oral hygiene and from what I can recall, Douglas Buck is pretty dreamy.

    Next time I meet Lance I’m going to punch him in the nuts as hard as I can. Let’s see if he remembers me after that!

    And my entry for the contest… oh wait. I can’t enter to win the Top 200. I WROTE FOR IT!

  7. Shane says:

    Five films, hm?

    Video Diary of a Lost Girl
    Graveyard Alive: A Zombie Nurse in Love
    Pulse/Kairo (Japan)
    Cannibal (2006, dir. Marian Dora)
    The Pact

  8. Nick English says:

    Very original, Lance, accusing a guy who writes on a message board of living in his mom’s basement. Finger on the pulse of comedy, as usual.
    Although ironically, I did listen to this podcast in my mom’s basement, because I was home for the holidays. So I guess you kinda got me after all.

    My five picks:

    Tourist Trap
    Halloween 3
    Phantom of the Paradise
    The Eternal Evil of Asia
    Trick r Treat

  9. I’d love a chance to win the 200 Alternative Horror Films You Need To See! magazine, there’d be a ton of great films to hunt down I’ve yet to see.

    I hope all of you there at RM had a great Christmas/holiday and New Year’s, as well as all of your readers.

  10. Ashley O says:

    My five films would be-
    Death and the Maiden
    Trick R’ Treat
    People Under the Stairs

    Blurb about Lance: Lance, you’re fuckin’ great. And only a tiny bit creepy. ;)

  11. Michele "Izzy" says:

    Picks for the contest!

    1. Blood and Roses by Roger Vadim
    2. Spasmo by Umberto Lenzi
    3. The House of the Laughing Windows by Pupi Avati
    4. Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein by Andy Warhol
    5. The Sentinel by Michael Winner

    • Feedback says:

      Very cool list. Incidentally, I wrote a review of THE SENTINEL for the 200 films issue.

      • Michele "Izzy" says:

        Thanks! I’m hoping to win the issue so I can read your review! I love THE SENTINEL so hard. It’s so creepy in so many ways, ACTUALLY creepy. And there are so few movies that get that genuine reaction from me. It’s a keeper for sure. Happy New Year!

  12. Rupert Cornelius says:

    Angel Heart
    Session 9
    The Company of Wolves
    Mako: The Jaws of Death

  13. Tara says:

    I mentioned on the Mortuary that I wouldn’t enter, but purely for Lance’s signature on the cover…
    Bergman’s Hour of the Wolf
    Franju’s Les Yeux Sans Visage (a masterpiece in and of itself, but I also consider essential horror viewing his amazing short on the slaughterhouses of Paris, included on the Criterion DVD)
    Russell’s The Devils
    Shindo’s Onibaba
    Shindo’s Kuroneko

  14. Lance, shut it. Feedbag, you’re a lovable communist.

    1. Ssssss (Strother Martin and Dirk Benedict? Please, what else do you need?)
    2. The Wicker Man (Original. The songs alone make it horrific. Nicholas Cage’s hairpiece notwithstanding the remake.)
    3. Nosferatu (or, as my ex-wife called it, “Nose for Two”)
    4. Bubba Ho-Tep (Bruce Campbell. Elvis. JFK. Nursing Home.)
    5. Zombi 2 (The tits. The eyeball popping. The bwah bwah bwah synths. That is all.)


  15. David S says:

    It was a very embarrassing experience. I am not sure which is more embarrassing, that experience or sitting through Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. I would probably rather dive into a pool of blood than have to endure a single frame from that abomination again. Oh and Feedback, I agree Island Of Death is a must see. A total mad mind fuck of a film. Happy New Year to you both.

  16. ChelseyB says:

    I’d love to get my hands on a copy of that book- especially as I won’t have to worry about stumbling across any idiotic Lance ramblings within its pages. :P
    So here are my 5 entries- though, to be fair its difficult to know what constitutes as ‘alternative’ these days….

    Macabre (Indonesian horror flick with the creepiest villains I’ve ever seen)
    Dead Hooker In a Trunk (a must-see for fans of indie-horror and grindhouse)
    Bedevilled (One of the best revenge horrors that Korea has to offer)
    Abnormal Beauty

    Happy New Year chaps
    :D xx

  17. FDBK says:

    Some great entries here – and I’m loving all the Last Chance Lance stuff too!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR Everyone and All The Best for 2013!


  18. Nut of the Living Dead says:

    If I get a copy can I get Lance to sign the last page? 100% Last Page Last Chance Lance at last!

    My picks are:
    THE SIGNAL (2007)
    WESTWORLD (1973)

  19. Chad Savage says:

    Despite Lance’s assertion that I “don’t count”, and assuming that we’re talking about movies that tend to slip under most people’s radar (so the more well-known movies are a given), here are the movies I find myself pulling off the shelf time after time to show friends who haven’t seen them; these are 5 of my actual “Must See” movies, in no particular order:

    • Session 9
    • Altered
    • Severance
    • Cemetery Man
    • Dust Devil

  20. Maestro says:

    My picks in no particular order:

    Creepshow 2
    Sella Turcica
    Blair Witch 2
    Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead
    Tales from the Darkside: The Movie

    Honorable Mention: Ratline, the latest film by Eric Stanze starring Emily Haack and Jason Christ

    After Lance shamelessly (or perhaps, shamefully?) plugged Ratline so many times I had to grab a copy and I actually loved it. It has already been discussed so much on the show though and I wanted to include 5 original titles.

    A few of these films contain more than their share of bad acting and lackluster special effects, but they have some wonderfully creepy moments (with the exception of the blood-and-excrement splatterfest that is Poultrygeist). Sure, they can be laughably bad, but if they weren’t then they wouldn’t belong on an alternative horror list.

  21. Paddy rogers says:

    Hi guys I discovered the podcast earlier in the year whilst searching for a new horror podcast to fill the void from another podcast ending. I was surprised to hear the familiar sound of a fellow scouser coming over the airwaves. I’d like to say well done to u fdbk for representing us Liverpudlians in such a respectable light and not the sock robbing theves that is the common opinion of our strangely beautiful city. Lance you make me laugh till i piss myself my child often asks why I’m laughing to myself I only wish I could share in the delights of such word play as you deliver to us listeners. My five movies are
    The devils
    Frostbite (awaiting screening)
    Troll hunter
    The stuff

    Paddy from Liverpool

  22. Paddy says:

    Also if frostbite doesn’t count or is considered as a way of swaying lance in favor of my list I’d like to place dead mans shoes as my alternative.


  23. Dark Mark says:

    At this moment my list of alternative films which don’t get enough love and attention would include:

    Daughters of Darkness (1971)

    Lifeforce (1985)

    Dagon (2001)

    Brides Of Dracula (1960)

    Nosferatu The Vampyre (1979)

  24. FDBK says:

    So many great picks in here….

    When this contest is closed, I’ll compile the list and scribble up a blog post entitled – “Essential Alternative Horror Movies – as selected by listeners of the Rue Morgue Podcast” (or something to that effect.

  25. LoneTone says:

    1. Jan Svankmajer’s “Alice”
    2. Dream Home (The Pang Ho-Cheung Film, not the Daniel Craig POS)
    3. The Woman
    4. Imprint (Takashi Miike-Unaired Masters of Horror Episode)
    5. I Saw the Devil
    Note: I already picked up the 200 Alternative Horror Films guide, so if by chance I do win, can I have an alternate prize? Maybe one of Lance’s frozen pets? I would like to teach my children about cryonics.

  26. Dave Wynne says:

    Hello everyone, FEEDBACK and lamp,

    Feedback thanks for getting back to me about performing the ceremony for my wedding, at the mutter museum. Even tho it was a no.

    My five alternative horror films would be

    Mom (1991)
    the shining
    Return of the night of the living dead
    Ginger snaps
    Eraser head

    Lamp if you are interested in being our affiliate there are a few requests. You must being a trauma bag (for a wedding gift, we’d probably use it for sex) and you must do it as Christopher Walken.

    Thanks for all the hard work.
    Dave Wynne

  27. meli says:

    I hope I’m not too late to enter.

    First, who the fuck is Lance? I think his mother would be awfully disappoointed to know people constantly make the common mistake of calling him Lance, but more so that he isn’t correcting you folks! His name is LAMP. You’re welcome, LAMP!

    My picks would be:
    (1) Phantom of the Paradise. I saw someone else list this. I just saw it, while sitting next to my good buddy Owen Garth, during the Columbus 24 Hour Horror Movie Marathon last October. Excellent movie.
    (2) Eyes Without A Face
    (3) Combat Shock (does that count?)
    (4) Repulsion
    (5) Possession (1981) – also seen at the 24 Hour Horror Movie Marathon with Garth. A fucking masterpiece. Weird enough to make me break out into a sweat.

    Happy new year, fellas. I missed you ;)

  28. Jeff says:

    Basket Case
    The Legend of Hell House
    Let The Right One In
    The Beyond

  29. Dr. Gangrene says:

    Been meaning to send in a list of films for a while now. So many favorites, where to start?

    Tales from the Crypt – LOVE Portmanteau films. This is the best of the bunch.
    Psychomania – Underrated 70s biker/undead flick.
    Horror Hotel – Birth of Amicus studios. Unique story structure. Chris Lee. Nuff said!
    Island of Terror – Peter Cushing stuck on an island surrounded by slimy amoeba creatures that liquify bones and organs.
    Zombie (Fulci) – Goblin soundtrack, buckets of gore. Remote island setting. My favorite zombie film.

  30. Nick English says:

    So many other great movies being mentioned. I could have made a Top 20 just from these other suggestions.

    Also getting some good ideas for movies I apparently need to see. Thanks, all!


    Errr…Goblin didnt do the ZOMBIE soundtrack. That was Fabio Frizzi.

    • meli says:

      I have a copy of the Dawn of the Dead soundtrack done by Goblin and the cover is from the Italian release and it says “ZOMBI 2″ on it :P When my husband gave it to me I yelled out “Oh, the soundtrack to ZOMBIE!” The record title confused me.

      Either way, Goblin and Fabio Frizzi are both tops.

    You are right, that is Fabio frizzi. It is Goblin-esque in sound, but you are 100% correct, that is Frizzi. A GREAT soundtrack though!

  33. Krekel says:

    This is stupid late but if FDBK is still paying attention:
    Wild Zero (GUITAR WOLF!!!)
    Viy (Russians gave me nightmares)
    Children Shouldn’t play with Dead Things (Bob Clark + annoying lead + devastating ending)
    Simon King of Witches (this needs recognition!)
    Long Weekend (Australian OG nature revenge)

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