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on December 8, 2012 | 9 Comments

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Last Chance Lance and his ferret Emma join me to read some of the contest entries we got for the 5 disc Collector’s Edition of The Hammer House of Horror TV Series courtesy of Synapse Films – and one of three copies of the trailer compilation Color Correct My Cock courtesy of the mad buggers over at Vagrancy Films.



And as mentioned on the show, the closing track for Father’s Day is available for 99 cents on Jeremy Gillespie’s CD Baby page HERE.

And here’s the two trailers for Hisss mentioned on the show:

Jennifer Lynch’s Version:

Producers’s Version:

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  1. Dark Mark says:

    Don’t get me started on people bringing babies into the cinema!

  2. Chad Savage says:

    “Who is Jennifer Lynch? Is she David Lynch’s daughter?” Stay awesome, Lance!

  3. Chad Savage says:

    As of this episode, Lance has officially arrived as the Paul Shaffer to Feedback’s David Letterman.

  4. Feedback says:

    I had no idea he was so musically inclined….

  5. Mike Tank says:

    I really wish I could have had a terrific story to contribute to this contest, but other than that flying whiskey bottle incident at a screening of THE EXORCIST that I told you (Feedback) about…and the usual occassional cell phone talker or crying kid…I really had nothing that would compare to anything else that was detailed already in such entertaining fashion.

    Then again…I could have cheated and made something up! But I respect Rue Morgue and the Rue Crew too much to try to purposefully deceive or cheat them in any way.

    I mean, that would be like coming on the show to give a detailed review of a film without actually having SEEN it. And what kind of a person would do that?! ;)

  6. Mike Tank says:

    “Like Ursula Andress in STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE…”

    Jesus Christ. Once again, Lance’s IMDumbB brain gets the movie facts completely wrong. It was Persis Khambatta (R.I.P.) who was in ST:TMP.

    I dig Lance. I really do. He’s a genuinely funny guy whose snarky comments help to make the show as entertaining as it is.

    But it’s like nails on a goddamn chalkboard to my ears whenever someone gets their film facts wrong, and Lance is one of the WORST OFFENDERS!

    End of rant. Carry on.

  7. Mike Tank says:

    Good show! Lots of laughs. (I really DO like Lance, despite the fact that he irritates the hell outta me sometimes with his complete ignorance of EVERYTHING.)

    So far my vote is with Tara. That sounds like an absolute nightmare that would have had me hailing the nearest cab and high tailing it home.

    The contest is over, but the bit about the baby at TOKYO GORE POLICE reminded me of a rather unfortunate incident involving a small child that I thought I would share.

    About 8 or so years ago, I attended a free advance screening of Alexandre Aja’s HIGH TENSION at a mall multiplex, so every seat in the theater was easily filled. The crowd was (surprisingly) quiet and attentive to the film. So quiet, in fact, that as soon as the scene began when the maniac breaks into the family’s isolated farm house and begins to brutally slaughter every family member in the house…including the children…there was suddenly a very audible whimper coming from somewhere in the back of the theater. This whimper quickly got louder and louder until we then heard it become a pleading female child’s voice saying “Mommy, I don’t want to watch this anymore! Can we please go?”.

    The gasps from the crowd (including from me) filled the auditorium as we reacted with shock and disgust that someone would be stupid and ignorant enough to bring a child to THIS film.

    But our shock quickly turned to anger as we heard the mom’s reply: “Oh, stop it! It isn’t that bad. Be quiet and watch the movie.”

    I’ve never seen a crowd (myself included) get so instantly pissed off at one person. We erupted, all of us turning and standing up to find this woman, as we collectively (and LOUDLY) demanded that she take the kid outta there.

    The worst part was that, even though she did, in fact, grab her child and leave the theater, she did so in a huff, angry at all of us for forcing her to do her parenting for her and remove that poor kid from this incredibly inappropriate film.

    As she left, we all sat back down and continued to watch the film. But the best part was when we all broke out into fits of laughter when this woman came back into the theater WITH THE MANAGER and was demanding that he do something about the TWO HUNDRED PEOPLE who just threw her out!

    The guy took one look at all of us, whispered something apologetic to her, and then escorted her out, to our thunderous applause.

    It was amazing. IF ONLY theater audiences would unite more often like this EVERYTIME there is a ridiculously rude asshole in attendance!

  8. FDBK says:

    Last Chance Lance = The Karl Pilkington of Horror.

    And Tank – you missed a trick! That anecdote would’ve easily made the short list!

  9. Ashley O says:

    I guess I’m grateful I don’t have a story to contribute. Nothing exciting or horrible has ever happened to me at a movie theater. But I am finding it more and more difficult to enjoy movies at the theater. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m becoming a hermit, or because people are just getting more and more annoying.

    I forgot about Boxing Helena but I’m going to check it out very soon. If Lance likes it, it has to be good! I did get a chance to see Chained recently, and I have mixed feelings about it overall, but it has been the best Jennifer Lynch movie I’ve seen so far.

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