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Little Terrors 14: Christmas Carnage

on December 13, 2012 | Leave a comment

The fourteenth edition of Little Terrors, a monthly showcase of horror short films co-presented by Rue Morgue and production company Unstable Ground, is coming up this Wednesday, December 19 at Magic Lantern Carlton Cinema (20 Carlton Street, Toronto). Enjoy two full hours of the craziest, goriest, most disturbing and off-the-wall short films the genre has to offer, followed by an in-depth Q&A/meet & greet with some of the filmmakers. The 18+ event starts at 9 p.m.

This month’s theme is Christmas Carnage*, so it shouldn’t be hard to figure out what you’re in for. Here’s the full lineup for this month’s event*:

Last Christmas (15 minutes, premiere)
DIR: Geoff Redknap
A ten-year-old boy struggles to care for his demented grandmother when he is left alone with her on Christmas Eve. From Little Terrors alumnus Redknap, director of favourites The Auburn Hills Breakdown, Trash and Protection.

Breaking Santa (10 minutes, premiere)
DIR: Astron-6
The demented minds at Astron-6 (Father’s Day, Manborg, Lazer Ghosts 2) have prepared their own holiday treat. An explanation would do it no justice. Guaranteed lunacy!

Treevenge (15 minutes)
DIR: Jason Eisner
A holiday cult-classic in the making, this is required Xmas viewing! The director of Hobo with a Shotgun delivers his own holiday twist on a revenge tale. Nobody is safe! Award-winning previous selection of too many film festivals to count.

Santa’s Night Out (12 minutes, Iceland, premiere)
DIR: Mundi Vondi
Two psychotic individuals go on a deadly crime spree during the holiday season in this bizarre short.

Roid Rage: The Christmas Special (9 minutes)
DIR: Ryan Lightbourn
Follow-up to the twisted Little Terrors favourite Roid Rage has the hemorrhoid killer return to shutdown a meth lab run by Santa and his evil minions.

The Living Want Me Dead (23 minutes)
DIR: Bill Palmer
The director of the Toronto After Dark favourite Vicki presents an original twist on the zombie genre, set during the holiday season. Winner of the Dead By Dawn and New York Horror Film Festivals.

Boxed In (12 minutes)
DIR: Kial Natale
A young man working at a courier service over the holidays gets a deadly surprise in the form of a package that is much more than it seems. Inventive horror-comedy!

Cannibal Santa (5 minutes, premiere)
DIR: Jamison Stalsworth
The title is not misleading. Winner of the audience-choice award at the most recent Knoxville Horror Film Festival.

Father Christmas (3 minutes)
DIR: Kial Natale
A heartwarming tale of one family rediscovering their Xmas-past. Just kidding. Not heartwarming at all.

The Winter Stalker (2 minutes)
DIR: Stephen Reedy
A glimpse inside the mind of a brutally obsessive individual.

*The poster this month is unpublished artwork from late artist Kevin Hutchinson.


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