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Clive Barker designs jewelry line

on November 21, 2012 | 1 Comment

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Clive Barker is out to make the rest of us look bad. The legendary author/artist/filmmaker has now added “jewelry designer” to his already impressive resume with a line called The Convergences Collection, from RockLove. The line currently consists of three pendants – two were inspired by Barker’s Abarat series, and a third is based on the horror maestro’s multi-canvas painting known as The Bestiary. You can check ’em out here.

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One Response to Clive Barker designs jewelry line

  1. Jordan Goldman says:

    I’m all for Clive Barker making some cool jewelry and what not, but I am kind of shocked that he created a necklace that is the exact logo for Tobin James winery in Paso Robles,CA. They are a pretty big winery and have a pretty familiar trademarked symbol. Now, I am well aware that both the spiral and the sun are used in pretty much every culture on this planet in some way or another…but I just appreciate when people making art at least TRY to do something unique. But you know what? Maybe I’m just a dick. That could also be the case here.

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