TADFF 2012 review: Inbred

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[RM contributor Aaron Von Lupton gives us the skinny on Inbred, which had its Toronto premiere at this year's Toronto After Dark Film Festival.]

Inbred (UK)
Starring Jo Hartley, Seamus O’Neill and James Doherty
Directed by Alex Chandon
Written by Alex Chandon and Paul Shrimpton

From Alex Chandon (Cradle of Fear) comes this gory and offensive black comedy inspired by the likes of Deliverance and Calvaire, with dumb humour in place of human drama.

Four young offenders are accompanied by two caretakers into the British countryside for a weekend retreat, only to encounter the titular inbreds who attack, torture and butcher them one by one. The characters are quickly established, with two kids that you hate, two that are more sympathetic, a male guardian that is hilariously wussy and a female one that is feistier. They get into hot water almost immediately with the group of hygiene-challenged locals, then make the mistake of seeking refuge in a local pub owned by the leader of the murderous lot. Two of the outsiders become the main entertainment in a sadistic vaudeville show led by the pub owner in golliwog makeup, and get spectacularly brutal deaths including one involving a horse that leaves quite the audience impact.

Gross and disturbing is definitely the name of Chandon’s game here, as the audience is treated to various displeasures including a man masturbating to a porno mag filled with animal head cutouts, and another eating live maggots out of a jar. The bloodletting comes just as fast as the jokes, and although Inbred is too ridiculous to be taken seriously, it’s just the right kind of debauchery for a live and rowdy crowd.

Aaron Von Lupton

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