TADFF 2012 review: In Their Skin

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[Lime Blake checks in with a review of Toronto After Dark selection In Their Skin.]

In Their Skin (Canada)
Starring Selma Blair, Joshua Close and James D’Arcy
Directed by Jeremy Power Regimbal
Written by Joshua Close

There’s nothing scarier to me than the thought of being woken up by a deranged psychopath who has broken into my home, wishing to harm my family for personal gain. Director Jeremy Power Regimbal effectively captures this nightmarish concept in his debut film In Their Skin.

In an attempt to repair their deteriorating marriage after the accidental death of their daughter, Mark (Joshua Close) and Mary (Selma Blair) Hughes pack up their young son and head to the family’s secluded cabin. The Hughes are awakened the next morning by Bobby (James D’Arcy) and his family, whose overt friendliness and interest in the Hughes’ personal lives quickly spiral into a terrifying obsession with becoming “the perfect family” – in this case, the Hughes family.

Blair steals the show with her genuine performance as Mary. Shot in stark tones of grey, In Their Skin invokes a sense of bleakness as the Hughes careen from a battle to keep their family together to an all-out war to keep their family alive.

While short on scares or gore, In Their Skin takes a more visceral, psychological and practical approach to the “home invasion” subgenre and offers a top-notch execution that sets it apart from similar films.

Lime Blake

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