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Cryptic Collectibles: New WALKING DEAD TV Series Action Figures!

on October 17, 2012 | 2 Comments

With the third season of AMC’s The Walking Dead now upon us, there’s probably no better time to post a few images from the soon-to-be released second series of TWD action figures from McFarlane Toys. Due to hit stores at the end of this month, this new wave consists of Deputy Rick Grimes, a shaved-headed Shane Walsh and three walkers: the memorable Bicycle Girl Zombie, the bloated Well Zombie and the RV Zombie.



Like the first series, the approximately 5-inch tall figures feature great detailing and come packaged with numerous accessories and action features (Bicycle Girl Zombie, for instance, comes with a base and removable legs; while Well Zombie comes with “split apart” action; and RV Zombie features head-tilting action and a removable “eyeball puncturing” screwdriver.)





As with the first set, demand for these grisly little collectibles (SRP $14.99 each) is sure to be high, so fans might want to pre-order them ASAP.



And if this all isn’t enough for you, a third series is scheduled for release in March, and will be comprised of the katana-wielding Michonne, her two “pet” zombies, Merle Dixon and the Autopsy Zombie – complete with removable stomach contents!



For more info on these and other McFarlane items, go to:





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Responses to Cryptic Collectibles: New WALKING DEAD TV Series Action Figures!

  1. Dark Mark says:

    But I’ve filled my glass case already!

    I seriously covert the Michonne figure though.

  2. says:

    This game really NAILS straight down all you adore about John Kirkman’s The Walking Dead; the tension, the weather, the actual establishing, the globe, what sort of account will go. Only every thing, even comic strip pictures. (The Walking Dead actually is really a comic strip sequence in the event you didn’t know) Sadly, I never obtained the opportunity to read each of the textbooks. The storyline is extremely good as well as their can be numerous unexpected situations! Need to acquire!

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