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Down Into The Basement of Bowen’s Brain We Go!

on August 28, 2012 | 1 Comment

No doubt you’ve read John W. Bowen’s monthly column on cast-aside cinema, Bowen’s Basement, and wondered aloud if there was only some way that you could delve deeper into the dense, mildew-soaked grey matter of one of RM‘s most learned writers.

Well, recently, a fine gent by the name of Chris, who blogs at a site called Bleeding Me Black, did just that…and not only did he surface from John’s titular (and I don’t even mean to use this word as a way to make reference to the title of his column so much as that delete-bin dungeon literally has boobs of all shapes and sizes plastered all over the place) den of self-iniquity, he got the notorious trash cinema scavenger to make known the parts previously unknown from whence he came, to open up about his tender musical side, and to divulge the worst movies he’s ever seen that you should see for yourself.

Brush up on Bowen here!

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One Response to Down Into The Basement of Bowen’s Brain We Go!

  1. Feedback says:

    I’d love to subject Bowen to a full scale Rue Morgue Podcast interrogation!

    (But we can dispense with the body cavity searches.)

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