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Soundtrack News: Funeral Home going OOP, Predator returns to CD, It’s Alive debuts, & More!

on March 10, 2012 | 1 Comment

Those miffed (me) that Alan Silvestri’s Predator score has sold out within days every time it appeared on (legal) CDs will be delighted to know it’s back in a non-limited edition.

Label Intrada, the composer and licensor have seen the magical happy light and realize Predator deserves to exist on its own for a while. Now you don’t have to shell out a few hundred bucks for a copy on eBay.

Details from the site:

Ok! You spoke… we listened! Completely re-mastered release of complete Alan Silvestri soundtrack for John McTiernan alien action movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger comes as both licensor (20th Century Fox) and composer seek re-release of wildly popular score to wider market.

You asked for every drop of blood, we now give it to you. New CD restores tiny bits edited from earlier issue, removes select crossfades, includes brief cue “The Aftermath” prior to “End Credits”. CD plays in chronological order as originally scored by composer. Silvestri’s incredibly muscular score is dynamite example of scoring via small motifs. Rhythmic punctuation in low brass, melded with busy percussion figures, creates incredibly terse, aggressive foundation for melodic ideas in strings, upper brass. Another cool idea has heroic musical signature for Schwarzenegger anchoring score yet almost all motifs, ideas are rooted in minor harmonies, not the expected major.

Resulting music remains grim, tough, violent throughout! Intrada MAF series release with modest enhancement to original graphic design by Joe Sikoryak plus reprise of informative liner notes from Julie Kirgo. Alan Silvestri conducts.

However, in the bad news category, Jerry Fielding’s Funeral Home score will go OOP March 12 (although you should still be able to buy copies from online retailers until supplies run dry). The CD is pricey at $29.99, but the music is really, really good. We couldn’t squeeze a CD review in RM when it emerged a few months ago, and I’ve been frankly swamped with too much stuff to review on my site (though a CD + film review will appear in tandem, now that the film is coming out on DVD stateside March 20).

Why’s it so pricey? Because the licensing fees were very high, and we’re all familiar how impossible it is to release anything Canadian, let alone music, commercially, from the Tax Shelter era. 99.9% of the time it takes a U.S. label, because there’s too many ex-wealthy dentists to track down from our end (many of whom are probably dead).

From the site:

In his lone foray into literal mad killer horror, Fielding wrote a superb score combining elements of his most brittle, intense writing – especially for strings – with his unique sense of atonal brass outbursts of violence. Along with complex piano and percussion writing, the full score is a magnificent coda to a superb, uncompromising composer’s career.

Our CD features every note of music Fielding recorded, including sequences intended for but deleted from the final production. The album was prepared from the actual 2″ 24-track session masters stored in superb condition by the Canada film licensors. Recorded under jurisdiction of the Canadian Musician’s Union, our production costs are considerably higher than normal. What we have here is literally a labor of love. What you’ll get in return for the higher retail price is Fielding’s final work in sensational stereo audio, including all of his source cues for organ and brass. Jerry Fielding conducts.

Lastly, Film Score Monthly, as some may have read, is shutting down there soundtrack line (here’s why), and among the last CDs to emerge in 2012 is Bernard Herrmann’s It’s Alive. No, not the sequel, but the original.

FSM CD! Mono-packed!

Starlog LP! QUAD-stacked!

Silva Screen CD! Stereo-whacked!

Can’t recall if I’m wrong, but I read years ago that while a CD was being prepped, the master stereo tapes were destroyed in a fire or through some tragic boo-boo, hence the issuance of It’s Alive 2 on LP (and later CD) as the next best thing.




FSM managed to find mono mix-downs from the stereo tapes and have released the soundtrack on CD. No idea on the quality of the mono sources, but given I have a copy on order, I’ll post details soon (although there’s also the FSM Message Board, too, and sound clips at Screen Archives Entertainment).

It’s not one of my favourite Herrmann scores, but it’s been perhaps 10 years since I last heard the score, so maybe it’ll surprise me. Still wish FSM had released Obsession, but that one always seemed like a complicated monster, and FSM’s main roster of film scores have been tied to the Warner catalogue.

What would also be wonderful: It’s Alive 2 remastered in Quad (or at least 4 discrete channels in DTS on CD or DVD), because the original LP contained a Quad mix of the score. It’s not impossible, and might be worth it, as the LP sounded more robust than the CD, even when played with a standard stereo stylus.

Presenting the Virtual LP!

Who saw here die? YOU DID!

This may have been mentioned in an earlier post, but Italian soundtrack label Cometa has released their second volume in their Virtual LP Series, which seems to be soundtrack music remastered in Dolby 5.1, and released on DVD featuring the image of an LP during playback.

Yes, it’s weird, and may well be a marketing oddity, but each DVD release isn’t as pricey as expected (17.90 Euros from the website, but also available from various online outlets). For info on each of the 2 Ennio Morricone releases, visit the website and watch the promo videos for Vol. 1: Opposte Esperioenze (featuring mostly stock music), and Vol. 2: Who Saw Her Die? / Chi l’ha vista morire?


Also released by Cometa are Luciano Michelini’s Screamers / Island of the Fish Men / L’isola degli uomini pesce with 10 unreleased cues; Fabio Frizzi’s City of the Living Dead / Assassino al cimitero etrusco (1980); and Guido and Maurizio De Aneglis’ Mountain of the Cannibal Gods plus music from Messalina, Messalina!



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