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It’s Hee-eere! Your Exclusive Sneak Peek at RM#121!

on March 21, 2012 | 5 Comments

In the past, I’ve made reference to the arcane patterns, strange coincidences and recurring themes that seem to surface in the midst of us putting together each issue of Rue Morgue. These common threads aren’t necessarily planned and usually aren’t even apparent until we’re in the advanced stages of production. But what happened this morning while we were proofing the RM Digital version of the April issue definitely takes the cake…

I had just begun looking it over when Justin walked by to ask me how the issue looked. Having not so much as even borne witness to a cup of coffee yet, I smarmily replied that in the two seconds I’d had it up onscreen, all my bleary eyeballs could take in was the cover. Just then, Justin’s printer – which had not actually functioned during the entirety of production on said issue and which holds no connection to my computer – sprang to life all by its lonesome to spit out one single, solitary page. Justin, confused and having not issued any such command, walked across the room to retrieve…..a printout of the cover we’d just been staring at, right before the machine recessed into inoperative silence once more.

Frozen on the spot were we. Suddenly awake was I. Then again, I don’t think anyone who can sense the presence of phantasms would ever pronounce the Rue Morgue House of Horror to be “clean.” We’ve…seen…things. But hey, how fitting that such an inexplicable incident should coincide with the unveiling of our April issue celebrating the 30th anniversary of POLTERGEIST!

Plus, you can stare at the cover as long as you want without disappearing inside…for now. Once it hits newsstands on April 1, you’ll be glad to vanish within its pages. Don’t wanna wait? The RM Digital version for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and PC and Mac will be rolled out over the next couple days, in advance of newsstands. And starting next week, Rue Morgue Digital will be available for Android platforms, kicking off with a free trial version for a limited time. Stay tuned!

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Responses to It’s Hee-eere! Your Exclusive Sneak Peek at RM#121!

  1. Draccenstein says:

    One thing that always has impressed me about RMM is it’s covers and it’s use of colour. This one, albeit the usual stock photo from Poltergeist(an iconic one at that) looks amazing with all the blue. *like*

    • Hi Draccenstein, thanks! Glad you like the cover.

      We tried quite a few alternate designs of a wide range (very busy vs. very minimal), but this one always stood out amongst the rest and we kept coming back to it. The word for the image is definitely “iconic” and it was fitting that we use it as the cover.

  2. Dark Mark says:

    Hi, the digital version is up on Yudu but I am getting an issue with the You Tube videos appearing over the text of the magazine without clicking on the hyperlink. You might want to look into that as it renders the magazine unreadable.

  3. Trevor says:

    Hi DM,

    How strange. That wasn’t happening in the final proof. I will look into it and make certain it is corrected. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for letting us know.

    - T.

  4. Dark Mark says:

    It is occuring with the previous issue as well which suggests that it is a Yudu problem.

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