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Episode 052: MONICA S. KUEBLER

on February 13, 2012 | 8 Comments

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For those of us willing to embrace it, February is Women In Horror Month.

But it’s not hard for me to find interesting women in horror to profile on the podcast. There’s one right here at the Rue Morgue House of Horror – our very own Monica S. Kuebler – horror
publisher, journalist and the managing editor of Rue Morgue Magazine.

Recently, Monica has made the leap from horror journalist to horror author with the debut of her first novel – the online, serialized, vampire teen epic BLEEDER.

A new chapter goes up every Sunday at

Also, check out Monica’s micro publishing imprint BURNING EFFIGY PRESS and her blog at



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Responses to Episode 052: MONICA S. KUEBLER

  1. Mike Tank says:

    Great interview.

    Her tales of why she started her own publishing arm and her struggles with her own insecurities and fears as she pursued her goal of being an author herself are incredibly inspiring.

    I count myself as a fan. And I’m definitely going to check out her books. Right now!

    Also, love the new RM site design!

  2. FEEDBACK says:

    Tank. I think you’re the first comment on the new RM site. And this would be the second.

    Glad you enjoyed the interview. I thought it was very honest and inspiring myself.

  3. Rich Savidge says:

    Very cool interview Feedback. Nice to get to know Monica better. I wish her nothing but great success.

  4. Ashley O says:

    To echo what Mike said… as a novice writer, Monica is very inspiring to me. It’s hard to get over that first hurdle of opening yourself up to people, both friends and strangers, and allowing them to judge you.

    I actually wrote a vampire novel within the past couple of years… my reason for writing it was because I read some YA vampire fiction that got pushed on me, and it was horrendous. TRULY atrocious. And I thought to myself, I can do better than this- so why don’t I? So, I completed it, and while I am very proud of it, I don’t imagine myself actually attempting to add it to the fray of published vampire YA books out there. So in that regard, I can also relate a lot.

    Despite not being a huge fan of this particular genre, (despite what everyone thinks about me), I did check out and so far have read the first few chapters. I think Monica has a lot of talent, I wish her the best of luck, and I plan to keep reading.

  5. FDBK says:

    Thanks for the comment, Ashley.

    But now that you’ve finished your first novel will you do another?

  6. Ashley O says:

    Absolutely- in fact, I’m working on something now. I have no organization to the way I do things, so I typically have a handful of writing projects going on at the same time, and I just go back and forth between them when the mood strikes me. There’s another reason Monica is an inspiration- I could definitely take a tip from her and be a little more organized, making outlines for things, instead of just guessing where I want to go and then trying to get there with no directions.

  7. Feedback says:

    Maybe you should serialize one of them like Monica did?

  8. Ashley O says:

    It is a cool idea…

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